6 Majestic Ways to Get Rid of African Giant Snail

African giant land snail is the invasive species around the globe. It is native to the Ghana, Africa. Due to its prolific reproduction capacity and voracious eating nature spread of African giant snail is out of control. Due to the absence of natural predator to control this snail its population is rapidly increasing around the globe.

Snail and slug differ from each other. The basic difference between snail and slug is the outer covering. The snails have the outer covering to protect themselves from the harsh environmental condition whereas slug lacks the outer protective covering.

Due to the voracious nature of African giant snail eating almost everything in the garden including vegetables and fruits. This can create serious problems for farmers. Due to the long lifespan of around five to seven year and with the size reaching up to 30 cm long this can create havoc.

Keeping them as pets accelerate the spread of this snail. Further due to its hermaphrodite nature that is the male and female organ in the single organism. The spread of the snail seems like the juggernaut.

African giant snail is consumed in some part of the world and in another part of world consumption of this snail is not noticed. There is the special way of cooking the Snail for hygienic and better taste.

There are some of the ways to control this Snail. Some of them are described below briefly.

1. Common salt (NaCl)

Using common salt to control African giant snail is the best options available. The delicate part of the snail dissolves in the salt, which causes the death of the snail. Anyone having the problems of giant African snail needs to spread salt in the place where there are lots of snails. It is essential to use the salt with caution as it increases the salinity of soil resulting into loss of production.

2. Coffee

Coffee contains the neurotoxin called caffeine. Caffeine acts as the neurotoxic to the snail resulting into repelling of the snail. Use of the coffee in around the root is best to get rid of this snail.

3. Manual pickup

Snails are noticed with the eye so anyone can manually pick up the snail and throw them away. This can be effective in small scale.

4. Remove the damp area around the farm

The damp area provides suitable habitat for the snail. The snail is highly sensitive to the sunlight and tends to avoid direct sunlight.

5. Lime and bleaching powder

Sprinkling the lime and bleaching power in an area where the snail is abundant helps in the control of the Snail.

6. Natural predator

The natural predator of this snail are the millipedes, hermit crabs, birds especially the robin helps in control of this noisome creature.


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