6 Majestic Ways To Setup Payment Gateway in Website

The payment gateway is the services enabling to get the money from the product sold on the Internet. The mechanism of payment is complex in the e-commerce site. So, there are many firms giving the service of payment. Basically, in the merchant service Credit card transection is send to credit card paying network.

Due to the surge in the Internet user around the globe so is the payment gateway. The charge of this service differs from one firm to another. Some of the top rated firms provide both the free as well as paid options. Usually, there is the charge of around ten cents per transection.

There is the strong need to do adequate lucubration before opening the account in the payment gateway. Doing research in the search engine before applying to this site is the best way. As due to excessive competition in this field, there are many people falling into the trap.

It is essential to make the payment in the browser secure payment gateway in order to avoid the unnecessary trouble. Making payment in the own site is relatively easy and smooth process but there is the hidden risk of security breeching. It is not advised to put the payment details directly on the site due to security issues. Diverting the customer to the other site for paying can sometimes cause noisome to the customer. This is the things needs to consider seriously while thinking of establishing the payment gateway.

Some of the firms offering the payment gates way are follow


This is the widely used for sending and receiving the payment. Further, there is not a requirement to add the credit card number, which some users find noisome. This is gaining popularity due to the simplicity. There is the need to open the merchant account on the PayPal site, which has two options, one is paid and another is free.


This offers the reliable services but the charge is relatively higher than normal that is 30 cent per transection in the credit card. Claimed to serve the unique way to prevent fraud this is one of the immense popular payment gateways.

Payline Data

This is the trusted platform supported by good review on the Internet. This platform is suitable for small business. It charges $15 for an individual where as $80 for the monthly users.


This is also widely used platform for the payment gateway. It normally accepts the credit card and electronic payment checks. It focuses in mobile payment and there are some negative reviews available for this platform.

Dharma Merchant Services

This is the highly trusted and wieldy used payment gateway. Due to the absence of monthly, annual and setup fees, this is suitable for larger business with the transection of more than 10K.

Blue pay

This is a firm claimed to offer the best gateway for payment for the customer. These are localized in the USA and Canada.


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