7 Lucid Lactose Intolerance Treatment

Lactose is the type of sugar found in milk and variety of dairy products. The Lactose intolerance is the common digestive problem in which the body is unable to digest the lactose. The common symptoms of the lactose intolerance are the gas, diarrhea, itching around the anus and bloating after milk and milk product consumption. Usually, the unwanted symptom starts from half to 2 hours after the consumption of milk. The noisome effect is due to absorption of water by undigested lactose in small intestine.  

This is the frequently encounter digestive problems often confused with the allergy to milk. The insufficient or lack of enzyme Lactase in the small intestine causes this. The temporary shortage of enzyme can happen in different diseases.

There are four various lactose tolerances. The first type is the primary lactose intolerance, which is due to aging effect. Secondary is due to injury or infection in small intestine. Developmental lactose intolerance is in the newborn baby that improves with the age. The congenital lactose tolerance is the genetic disorder.

Some Lucid Treatments are:

1. Before the treatment of lactose, intolerance it is essential to identify the type of lactose intolerance. This makes easy to target the adequate process of treatment.

2. In case of lactose intolerance in infant it is always safe to consult for an expert advice. The dietitian can give the adequate advice.

3. Consuming diary product little or less. There are pros and cons of diary product that needs to be analyzed in depth.

4. Curd and yogurt can be better options due to the thickness and slow movement in bowl in cause of chronic lactose intolerance.

5. Diary product should consume by combining with the food source. Consuming other food along with the diary product can be beneficial.

6. In case of severe lactose intolerance consuming lactose free foods can be best options. Soya, almonds, coconut milk can produce best result.

7. Boycotting the milk incase of chronic lactose intolerance need to taken seriously especially for the one with vegan life style. As milk is reach in calcium deficiency of which can cause problems in normal functioning of bone.


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