7 Majestic Reasons for Global Decline of Sparrows

Sparrows are the most noticeable bird around the globe.  Sparrows are found in Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Australia. Sparrow’s predominately eats in the seed and makes the nest on the buildings made by humans. The weight of sparrow ranges from 13 to 42 grams and weight up to 16 gram depends upon the species. Sparrow can fly up to 45 kilometers in one hour. This is possible due to the flapping of wings 15 times in one second.

Sparrows show the sexual dimorphisms means the sexes are separate from each other. The male is larger than the female sparrow. The male is distinct from the female by having the dark gray crown, black bill, and black in the throat.

Due to the decline of the population of the sparrow the sighting of this creature is on the decline. Due to this reason, there has been the concern for the disappearance of the sparrow. If appropriate action is not taken in the time ahead this majestic species can be gone forever.

Reasons for population decline are:

1. Lack of trees in urban area

Trees are vital for sparrow in the sense that they roost in the morning and evening. The absence of tree can put the obstacle in the social behavior of sparrow resulting in unwanted consequences. Further, the tree provides them insects like aphids to feed which provides vital nutrition to the sparrow.

2. Unnatural food

Sparrow normally feeds in the grains and weeds but can feed on any leftover by humans. The chemical laden in the synthetic food has an adverse effect on the health of bird leading to declining in reproduction capacity.

3. Chick’s chronic starvation

Due to the absence of invertebrate prey in the urban area rising of the chicks to sparrow seems grueling process. Unable to provide the adequate nutrition requirement of the chicks causes problems in maturation. This is the prime reason for the decline of the house sparrow.

4. Lack of nesting place

Due to the demolishment of older infrastructure, which provides prime habitat to the sparrow. The manufacturing of the nest has becomes absolutely difficult.

5. Absence of bath

Sparrow is noted for bathing in water and in dust. Due to intensive urbanization house sparrow are unable to make the bath such as dust. This upsets the normal behavior of the sparrow leading to the unwanted effects.

6. Chemical and pesticides

Wide Use of the chemical and pesticides is linked with the motility of the sparrow. Eating of the contaminated food can cause chronic and acute effect depends on the dose consumed.

7. For meat

The sparrow meat is considered to have the aphrodisiac power. There is no any scientific belief to confer this notion. This can be called as the major factor for the decline of sparrow around the globe.


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