7 Natural Hangover Remedies For Alcohol

Alcohol that we consume on the daily basis is scientifically referred to the ethyl alcohol or the ethanol. This is not lethal to human health. In contrast, methyl alcohol is toxic to consume and result in loss of thousands of life mostly in the rural part of the world every year.

Naturally, the content of the alcohol is low naturally and it is improved by the distillation process. Due to the higher concentration of alcohol in the drink regular consumption of the alcohol can arises serious health issue. This needs to be considered seriously while taking alcohol beverage.

Due to the dehydration after alcohol consumption almost all the people in the universe experience hangover. In order to avoid the unwanted side effect consuming alcohol in moderation is the key. The best remedy for the Hangover is to consume the water is adequate amount while drinking alcohol. 

Natural Hangover Remedies:

1. Moderation and Dilution

This is the key for the remedy of the alcohol hangover. Mixing the alcohol with the other drinks or other fluid and drinking in moderation is the key to staying hydrated.

2. Lemon Juice

Consuming lemon juice before taking the alcohol beverage can produce the miracle.
People have been using this as the remedy for hangover long time back. Lemon helps in maintaining the blood sugar level and maintaining the pH of the blood.

3. Ginger

Ginger has been used in the remedy of nausea and vomiting from time immemorial. Consumption of ginger has countless benefit among them in the remedy of the hangover.

4. Sleep

Sleep is essential for the normal functioning of all the mechanism in the human body. Nothing works better than good night sleep in the process of Natural healing.

5. Honey

Honey is lush with the potassium that has the beneficial effect in the combat of the hangover. Taking around ten milliliters of honey can be beneficial instead of taking the huge amount in the single setting. Some common potassium lush foods are Avocado, Banana, etc. can also be taken as an alternative to honey.

6. Sauna

Taking sauna increases the activities of sweat gland to produce the immense sweat. These results in the expel of the toxins like that of the Alcohol. It is essential to drink water during sauna, as excessive heat can be dangerous to the blood vessel and blood flow.

7. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice contains the fructose that can be beneficial during the hangover. It is commonly perceived that fructose increases the alcohol metabolism. This needs to be considered seriously while taking excessive alcohol.


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