8 Health Benefits of Weird Jujube Fruits

Jujube is the Perennial plant native to the Asia. It can grow up more than 12 meters in height. This is the deciduous plant hence shade leaves during the harsh condition. This plant is well known for its drought tolerance nature. This is the wild plant found predominately in the Asian forest.

The scientific name of this plant is Ziziphus jujube. They are commonly known as Chinese date, red dates, Indian or Korean dates. Although the plant is not confined to the specific country in Asia. Wild variety is found in the Asian forest. 

Flowering takes place in winter and the fruiting takes place in the spring. It is available in almost all the forest and forms the major part of diet not only for humans but also for birds. The birds and other wildlife’s do the prime seed dispersal under wild condition.

Due to prolific production capacity without the intensive care, they are found around the human settlement. They are consumed when ripening as the immature fruit is sour in taste. Pickles of various types can be made for long-term storage.


Propagation is mostly done with the seeds. Although hybrid varieties are used for commercial purpose as fruiting takes place early in the vegetative propagation.


Is not advised to consume in higher amount as it can cause the bowel upset. It has the thorn so requires special precaution during harvesting.

Health Benefits

Jujube fruit contains the high amount of carbohydrate low amount of protein and the slight amount of fat. It contains vitamin A, C and B-complex like B 1,2, 3, 6.  Minerals present are calcium, magnesium zinc, iron, etc.

Traditionally, it has been in use in different Korean medicine.

Health Benefit of the Jujube

1. Energy Boosting

Due to lush in the carbohydrate that is essential for the energy production in the body. Consumption of the Jujube provides the valuable nutrition required for the body.

2. Anemia

Due to innate iron content in the fruit, which is helpful in the combat of the anemia. This plant is found around the impoverished Asian rural community and consumption of the fruit provides essential iron required for the body.

3. Antioxidant

Due to the presence of vitamin C which is the potent antioxidant the consumption of jujubes helps to prevent the damage at the cellular level by the detrimental effect of free radiation.

4. Osteoporosis

The adequate content of the calcium and other essential minerals in the body can be effective in the compensation of loss calcium from the blood.

5. Healthy Heart

Jujube is lush with the potassium that is essential for the optimum function of the heart. Further, low sodium content in is helpful for the Normal functioning of the heart.

6. Constipation

Anyone suffering from chronic constipation can be benefited by regular consumption of the Jujube.

7. Common cold

Due to the innate high quantity of vitamin c, which is effective in the combat of common cold.

8. Jaundice

There have been researches of Jujube being used in neonatal jaundice.




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