8 Majestic Facts About King Cobra

King cobra being the world venomous snake measuring up to 5.7 meters and the weight more than 12 Kg. The common cobra found is different from the king cobra in the size and feeding habit. King cobra feeds on other snakes and other smaller vertebrate. Due to their humongous size, they have got lots of bad reputation around the globe.

King cobra is widely respected animal in the Southeast Asia. Hindu called the king cobra as the symbolic good. The supreme Hindu god Shiva decorates himself by putting king cobra around the neck.

Due to the anthropogenic disturbance by alternating the habitat of the king cobra the population is on the decline. Further, the crushing of the cobra by vehicles in the road is one of the major causes of mortality of king cobra.

Interesting Facts About the King Cobra:

1. Nest for Eggs

The female king cobra makes the nest for the eggs to by mounting with debris and leaves. The female guard the nest for 60 to 90 days until the young are hatched

2. King Cobra Feeds on Snakes

When the food gets abundant king cobra feeds on other snakes including the common cobra. King cobra widely seeks the rat snake and in the search of rat snake king cobra venture near the human settlement.

3. Mild Temperament

Unlike the common belief that king cobra are extremely provocative. A scientist studying the behavior of the king cobra has reached the conclusion that king cobra is of mild temperament.

4. Raise One-third of the Body

When provoked king cobra can raise one-third of the body for defense.  A full-grown king cobra can rise more than one and a half meter.

5. Venomous King Cobras Baby

The venom of baby king cobra has the same level of toxicity than that of parents. The baby king cobra hatched from the egg has the length up to 55 Centimeter.

6. Lethal Venom

The king cobra can eject around 7 milliliters of venom in the single bite. This massive dose of the neurotoxin can kill a fully-grown elephant within an hour and human less than 30 minutes.

7. Use of King Cobra Venom

Venom obtained from the king cobra has been used as the pain relievers and in the potent medication of Arthritis.

8. Long Life Span

King cobra has the loner life span of 20 years in the wild where as snake commonly has the life span of 9 years.


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