8 Non-Toxic Bed Bugs Killer Lucid Method

Bed bugs are the noisome organism thriving around us. Due to their nocturnal nature and feeding intensively in human blood Bed bugs infestation can be the nightmare for anyone. Due to the allergic reaction such as skin rashes after the bite of bed bugs its presence can be devastating to anyone. Bed bugs not only suck the blood but also spread many diseases. The bed bugs can live for 6 to 12 months and they feed once every ten days. The sucking of blood lasts for 10 minutes.

Recently due to the rapid resistance to the insecticides controlling bed bugs has become difficult. Effective control of bed bugs includes removing the eggs, nymph, and adult. They are known to survive for 300 days without food. The carbon dioxide exhaled during the respiration, body heat radiated, etc. helps them for finding the host.

There are natural predators of the bed bugs like the cockroach, mites, spider, ant etc. But, due to the habitat of bed bugs in the human dwelling, it is almost impossible to use the biological control.

In the case of the serious infestation of the bed bugs controlling them solely by using alternative method cannot be effective.

Some Non-toxic Way to get Rid of Bedbugs are Summarized Below:

1. Removing Mattress

Removing infected mattress can be effective ways to get rid of the bedbugs.

2. Hot Water

Any area or corner that is found to be suspicious for bedbug needs to be cleaned with hot water.

3. Boric Acid

Boric acid can be effective in the treatment of bedbugs. Handling of the boric acid needs to be done with adequate care.

4. Laundering

This is the effective way to get rid of the Bedbugs. Clean the cloth in the room with hot water, which can kill the egg, nymph, and adult of the Bed buck.

5. Cold

Keeping the freezer below zero degrees for around four days can effectively kill the bed bugs.

6. Vacuuming

This can be effective when combined with several methods. It is essential to clean the vacuum thoroughly after the completion of the process. Unable to clean the vacuum after that can create lots of noisome.

7. Insecticides

In the case of the serious infestation, the only tool to get rid of the bed bugs is to use the Insecticides. Pest management professional can help anyone who is in need.

8. Avoid Buying Used Furniture

Buying the used furniture and mattress causes unwanted consequences such as the spread of bed bug. There is the list of things that should not be purchased used.


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