8 Red Meat Benefit and 6 Risk Upon Consumption

Meat that is red or dark in color by superficial observation is coined as the Red meat. This differs from the white meat in on the color. Meat which becomes white after cooking is called the white meat.

The Red color in the meat is obtained due to the presence of the myoglobin. Myoglobin is often similar to the hemoglobin as both are the binding protein of iron and oxygen. As myoglobin is the oxygen transfer molecule are lush in the organism that has prolonged breathing time like a whale. Often the old beef is considered to have the high amount of myoglobin that is around two percent by volume.

It is commonly perceived that the average fat content in the red meat is drastically reduced from the past due to selective breeding which increases the health benefits. Red meat content adequate amount of the various fatty acid like the linoleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid in varying proportion. They have numerous beneficial effects in the human body.

Beef, lamb, pork, horsemeat are the perfect example of the red meat. Any meat that appears red in the color by the superficial observation can be classified as the red meat.

Red meat is the good source of the valuable minerals like Zinc and Iron. Further, the presence of the valuable minerals like Vitamin B 12 that is essential for the normal functioning of the human body. Due to nutritional benefits, it is essential to consume the red meat in the small volume. Moderation is the key to obtain optimum health benefits upon the consumption of the red meat.

Red Meat and Paleo Diet

Red meat is the prime component of the Paleo diet. Paleo diet is based on the logic that due to high intake of the diet high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrate human body burn fat as the fuel source which brings healthy weight in the human body.

Due to this reason, it is essential to analyze the heath benefits and harmful effects upon the consumption of the red meat. The one in the Paleo diet regime need to consume grass fed meat instead of the commercial raised red meat for the optimum benefits.

Further, the Paleo diet is not suitable for the one suffering from several ailments. Yes, our ancestor uses to get predominate energy from the red meat. But they have the active lifestyle to harsh the high energy innate in the red meat.

Now a day due to various reasons such as lack of adequate information anyone is inclined to start the Paleo diet. It ends up after suffering from constipation, gas, high blood pressure and various other unwanted consequence in the human body.

Health Benefit of Red Meat

1. Muscle Building

Meat is the good source of the protein required for the human body. Due to this consumption of meat helps in the muscle building.

The goodness of the niacin present in the red meant is claimed to be beneficial in dilation of the blood vessels (1).

Taking the moderate serving of the red meat is claimed to be effective for the one trying to gain the vigorous muscle.

2. Immune System

The immense goodness of the nutrient present in the red meat is beneficial in boosting the immune system (2).

Due to the boosting of the immune system, various ailments occurring in the body due to the lack of the immune system like the common cold can be minimized.

3. Osteoporosis

Consumption of the red meat is claimed to be beneficial in combat against the occurrence of the osteoporosis in the human (3).

Although there are multiple finding against this concept. Various literature is available which claims that the consumption of the red meat decelerates the calcium absorption.

4. Taste and smell

The deficiency of the zinc is often associate with the lack of sense of taste and smell. Red meat is lush in zinc, which is beneficial for adequate functioning of the olfactory system (4).

5. Weight Loss

Red meat contains the high amount of the protein and fat followed by the negligible amount of Carbohydrate. The absence of carbohydrate compels the human body to burn fat in order to obtain energy. Due to this consumption of the red meat helps in losing the weight (5).

6. Vitamin B 12

The reliable plant source of the vitamin B 12 that is virtually absent in plant. Although, aloe vera contain the trace amount of Vitamin B 12. Vitamin B 12 is vital and the chronic deficiency of this vitamin can cause the adverse effect in the nervous system.

This vitamin is adequately present in the Red meat (6).

7. Iron

Iron is the essential component of the hemoglobin is required for the human body. The chronic deficiency of the iron in the diet cause anemia and it can be of grave concern to the health.

As iron is the backbone of the hemoglobin which his effective in the transfer of the oxygen to different part of the human body.

Red meat can be considered as the reliable source of the iron (7).

Lack of the adequate amount of the iron in the diet is associated with the occurrence of insomnia. Due to an inadequate amount of the oxygen supplied to the brain that can potentially lead to insomnia.

8. Infertility

Often the deficiency of the mineral like zinc is related to the low sperm count in the male leading to male infertility. The high content of the zinc in the red meat is effective in the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Risk Of Eating Red Meat 

1. Harmful Chemical

Due to immense heat during the cooking and smoking process produces various harmful chemicals like polycyclic amines, an aromatic hydrocarbon is present which can potentially cause cancer.

The presence of the sodium nitrate is dangerous to the human health (8). Further, the smoking of the red meat triggers the release of the various carcinogens that can be detrimental to the human health.

2. Raise Cholesterol

Due to a large amount of the saturated fat in the red meat, which causes the elevation of the blood cholesterol in the human body.

Red meat is lush in the saturate fat that can spike the blood cholesterol to the dangerous level that can be detrimental to the heart (9).

High level of the cholesterol in the blood disrupt the normal blood circulating making prone to the heart attack occurrence.

3. Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

There are several new types of research promulgating with the claim that the intake of the red meat is associated with the development of the type 2 diabetes in the human body (10).

Although red meat is low in the carbohydrate the consumption of which can upset the hormone production in the human body.

4. Hardening of Blood Vessel

Consumption of the red meat initiates the reaction which can accelerate the process of the hardening of the artery (11).

Hardening of the artery is one among the many causes of the aging in the human body. Although the free radical theory of aging is the most accepted aging theory. The free radical theory claims that aging process is accelerated by the damaging effects of free radical in the cell.

 There is another potent aging theory which justifies the possible cause of aging.

5. Meat Glue

Use of the meat glue in the meat is decreasing the health benefits of the consumption. Meat glue often technically refers to as Transglutaminase enzyme is often used as the binding agent to make the meat attractive (12).

The use of the glue in the red meat is of serious health concern.

6. Breast Cancer

There has been the outcome from the several types of research that the consumption of the red meat accelerates the chance of the occurrence of the breast cancer in the human body (13).

Cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of the cell. Cancer is one of the leading cause of the premature death in the present world.

The recent finding which claims that lifestyle is responsible for some types of the cancer occurrence in the human body. This is Creating Goosebumps on public and cautions on modifying lifestyle for possible cancer occurrence.


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