9 Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is the perennial plant native to southeastern Asia. The rhizome of the turmeric plant is used for the variety of purpose. Due to the huge benefit received from this plant, it has received the immense public attention. Traditionally, the rhizomes of the turmeric are boiled to make them soft, cut into small pieces and air-dried. The powder obtained after crushing the turmeric is used as the condiment in the variety of culinary items.  The turmeric power is highly resistance to degradation and is safe to consume for years. Turmeric was fist believed to be used as the dye and later as the medicine (1).

The plantations of the turmeric are done in the summer and at the end of the autumn, the rhizome is extracted from the ground. It can grow in the variety of the soil with but avoids the waterlogged and permafrost soil. The plant can extend the height up to one meter.

It is the cheap ingredient of the kitchen especially in Nepal and India due to aesthetically appealing yellow color. People are unknowingly getting the benefit of the turmeric from the long time back. Research shows that the turmeric has the antibacterial and antiviral properties (2). The health benefit is due to the Curcumin the active compound in the turmeric

Health benefit of the Turmeric can only be obtained if the turmeric used is pure. Use of adulterated turmeric power does more harm than good.

Health Benefit of the Turmeric

1. Throat Infection

It has been widely used to cure a sore throat in different rural part of the world. Usually, the pinch of dried powder is consumed orally for the remedy.

2. Heart Disease

Due to the regulation of cholesterol in the blood, it is effective in the combat of the variety of heart disease. Evidence from the research claims the epithelial lining of the blood vessels of the circulatory system become healthy due to turmeric consumption.

3. Indigestion

Eating the turmeric regularly can facilitate adequate digestion of the food.

4. Diabetes

The severe damage to vital part of the body due to diabetes can be prevented by taking the regular dose of Turmeric mainly due to the antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory nature.

5. Anti- Depressant

Due to adequate function of Nero transmitters like the serotonin and Dopamine Turmeric is often considered as the potent anti-depressant. Further regular consumption of the turmeric is believed to lower the damage to the brain cell.

6. Anti Inflammations

Due to the anti-inflammation nature, they help in prevent and spread of the disease.

7. Cancer

Turmeric can be used for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Researchers around the globe show that the consumption of the Curcumin prevents the growth of the cancerous cell in the animals used in the laboratory (3).

8. Analgesic

It is widely used to relieve the pain caused by serious burns.

9. Antioxidant

The antioxidant nature of the turmeric helps in neutralizing the damaging effects of the free radical.


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