9 Majestic Facts About Pangolin

Pangolins are the most peculiar mammals due to their peculiar feature. They are noted for their unique adoption. Due to the presence of large protective skin mainly made of the Keratin the same protein that makes human nails they have gained high notice around the globe. The length of the mature pangolin ranges up to 100 centimeters.

The major cause of the decline in Pangolin is the high demand for pangolin meat and the scales. Further, the anthropogenic disturbance has accelerated its decline. Despite the ban in the transport and sell off this mammal’s people are keeping them as a pest.

Interesting Facts About the Pangolin

1. Lack of Teeth

Pangolin lacks the teeth to break down the food into small pieces to facilitate digestion. The small pebbles in the stomach like the gizzard of birds with help in mastication of food.

2. Insectivorous

Pangolins are insectivores living by eating the ant and termed as the diet. It is roughly estimated that they can consume up to 200gm of ant in the single day.  It is estimated that they consuming around 70 million insects per day.

3. Relying in Smell and Hearing

Due to their poor sense of vision, they heavily rely on the smell and hearing for their vital activities during the lifetime.

4. Sent Gland in Anus

This gland emits the noisome smell in order to mark the territory. This is the alternative of the urine and feces marking by some animals.

5. Unique Adaptation

Ants and termite comprise of almost all the diet requirement of the pangolin. There is the need to constrict ear and nostrils during feeding in order to prevent entering of the insect during feeding.

6. Traditional Medicine

The meat of the pangolin is considered to be of high medical value and the demand is skyrocketed due to its highly palatable nature. Further, the scales of the pangolin are used in different traditional medicine and in witchcraft.

7. Large Curved Caw

The large curved claw is not for the offense and defense but to debunk the ant and termite from the nests.

8. Scale

The heavy keratin around the body is around twenty percent by weight of these mammals. This is for the defense from the other animal attack.

9. Long Tongue

The length of the tongue is the greater than the entire length of the body. This is due to the fact that the length of the tongue can be greater than 40 centimeters.


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