9 Majestic Facts About Raute Nomads of Nepal

Raute is nomads lives in the forest of the Western Nepal. Despite the advancement of science and technology this tribe lives in isolation in the jungle. There have been various attempts by the Nepalese government to restore the normal life. Despite the entire attempt, the Raute people live in Forest.

There are around 150 Raute people in living in isolation in Nepal. Nepal government allocated $20 USD per Raute people per month. There is the special incentive during various festivals. Further, donation from the various organizations makes their life easier

Raute Tribe Facts:

1. Raute Eat Monkey

Bush meat is the primary source of energy of the Raute people. This tribe likes the bush meat, especially from Monkey. They have the peculiar way of killing the monkey. They also Consumption of flowers, fruit, and other edibles items found in the forest. 

2. Sell the Handicrafts

These people sell the handicrafts to the local people in exchange for food to eat. They do not sell for money rather feed them.

3. Oldest Male Becomes King

There is the tradition that oldest male member of the tribe becomes king and makes the decision to run the community. This is common in many tribes thriving in adverse condition. The king makes the minister and assigns them work.

4. Use to Lives like Hunter Gather

Before the present generation Raute people life style use to mimic our hunter gather ancestor. Due to excessive intervention by the Nepal Government, few Nongovernmental organization, researches the lifestyle of this nomadic community has changed.

5. Raute Settlement Moves Continuously

When the member of the community dies the whole the communities migrate from that specific place. This is the prime reason for their continuous move of the raute community. This is the prime reason for the difficulty in the finding of the community.

6. Use to Make the Home from Leaves and Branches

They use to make the house from leaves and branches until various donor organizations start to give free tent to them to make the temporary house.

7. After Sunset, no Unknown Person are Allowed

This is the peculiar behavior of the tribe. After sunset, no other person except the family member is allowed in the tribal community. If someone tries to disobey this rule it to face the forceful expulsion from the community.

8. Major Infant Mortality

Due to unhygienic lifestyle followed by lack of adequate health care facility in the remote area. Their population is on the verge of extinction.

9. Social Interaction with Foreigners

The old, young and adult do not like to communicate with the unknown person visiting the community. Even the young member of the Raute community does not talk or play with the local children around their community.


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