9 Safety Tips to Avoid Lightning Strikes

Almost all the human beings are familiar with the sharp, loud sound caused by lightning. The cumulonimbus cloud causes lightening. Although the lighting and thunder happen simultaneously the thunder is heard a long time after the lightning. This can clearly be justified that light travels faster than sound. 

Lightning can simply be defined as the discharge of electricity in the atmosphere. Mixing of the worm and colder air at higher altitudes causes this. The voltage potential of the lightning bolt can be higher than 100 million volts. There is the drastic difference in energy of every thunderstorm.

Lightning is the cause of thousands of casualty every year. Lightning also causes massive damage to human structures and electronic equipment. The damage is mainly due to holes in the nerves and muscles cell membrane due to high voltage.  Following the safety procedure can minimize the casualty and loss of property.

Safety tips to avoid lightening strikes

1. Stay inside the car

Electricity transfers outside the surface. When the lightning strikes the car the electricity travel on the outer surface of the car as the car mimics the sphere. As electricity did not pass the car inner part of the car is safer to stay during lightening.

2. Lightening rod

This is the rod made up of metal with the pointed edge used to protect man-made structures like buildings, towers, etc. It works on the basis of induction mechanism. The mechanism underneath this system is that due to induction opposite charge develop at the tip of the rod. The opposite charge gets transferred by the electrical wind and neutralizes the charge in the cloud.

3. Avoid tall tree

Taking refuge in the tall tree can be devastating in case of the lightning strike. It is essential to avoid the tallest material as the lightening can strike in it.

4. Avoid the Earthing or Grounding place

These places are designed to conduct excess of electricity. It is essential to avoid this place.

5. No Plumbing

Metal conduct electricity this makes essential to avoid the plumbing work during the lightening strike.

6. Avoid touching metal object

While lightening is taking place avoid touching any metal, as there is the risk of transfer of electricity. It is safe to avoid cycling during this period.

7. Avoid the transformer

Keep the distance from the transformer during the lightening strike.

8. Cell phone

Switch off the smartphone during the lightening strike.

9. Avoid water bodies

Ions in the water body conduct electricity. It is essential to lift the water bodies at the time of lightening. Swimmers need to think seriously on this matter.


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