Attention Defective Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD refers to Attention Defective Hyperactive Disorder is the problems affecting children and to the adult. This is the frequent encounter disorder in children. Due to lack of ability to concentration children with the ADHD remains hyperactive and often seems lacking control of nerve. Due to the complex nature of ADHD the symptoms, passes without adequate recognition.  Despite the noisome nature of the ADHD child suffering from this disorder has achieved marvelous progress in life.

Despite the advancement in science and technology the curing of ADHD has become more pronounced in our age. If the ADHD is not treated in time ahead this can leads negative effect on the individual. Anyone thinking of his or her child having ADHD should consult the physician. By performing a series of hearing and visual aids one can overcome the effect of this disease.

It is generally perceived that ADHD is the genetic condition and the other factor does not trigger the development of ADHD. There are some triggering factors like the use of alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy; further brain injury can also stimulate this disease.

ADHD tends to affect more on male child than the female child and can continue into adulthood. Due to the unavailability of safe drugs to treat this disorder this has remained one of the chronic problems in the society.

Symptoms of ADHD are difficulty in focusing and learning and understanding the minute details on the specific task. Children found burdensome in handling assignments. Poor handwriting, anger management difficulty, lower intelligence quotient (IQ) are the common symptoms.

There are various hypotheses on the significance of ADHD some richer claim that the person with ADHD is helpful to the society and harmful to the individual.

Intake of alcohol during pregnancy increases the chance of developing ADHD in the baby. Exposure of chemical like Lead during pregnancy can cause the person suffers from ADHD. Premature birth, low body weight during pregnancy can increase the risk of ADHD. There are some research pointing in artificial food preservative and dyes triggering for ADHD.

It is commonly perceived that eating too much sugar trigger the ADHD. Further, watching television can increase the chance of suffering from ADHD is pointless? Family stress and all the external factors can worsen the ASHD.

The diagnosis of the ADHD is the arduous process passing through several steps. Usually, the hearing and vision test are used to detect the ADHD. History of child also provides the valuable clue for this disease.

The combined approach is applied to cure the ADHD. Not a single ways of treatment of ADHD are available.  Usually, the behavioral and counseling is widely used for curing the ADHD. Certain medication can be used to care the ADHD are the antidepressants. Due to the unavailability of safe drugs to cure the ADHD, there is the need to develop the safe drugs for treatment of disease.

The research recommends that regular physical exercise in moderation can ease the effect of ADHD.
Geography has huge effects on the distribution of ADHD. North American children are more frequently diagnosed with the ADHD than the African children.


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