Common Misconception on Applied Science

Misocncenption in the scince is creating lots of probmes in the adequate undertanding of the children in different age group. 

1. During breathing, we take oxygen and expel the carbon dioxide gas!

It is commonly believed that all the carbon dioxide that is produced as metabolic waste during respiration is expelled during exhaling. This is not actually a true majority of it passes through the different mechanism from our body. 

2. Scorpion gives birth instead of laying eggs!

The fact is that Scorpion embryo develops inside the egg and within the mother's body. When the baby comes out it seems as if that scorpion is giving birth. However, the truth is that it is Ovoviviparous. Every organism needs placenta in order to develop baby from the womb.

3. Carbon dioxide is the only cause of global warming!

There are other gasses that produce the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gas traps the radiation emitted by the earth surface and reradiates it in the form of vibration. Therefore, during night earth remains the habitable place in the universe. Without greenhouse gas, our earth will be hostile due to excess of cold. Carbon monoxide, CFCs, Methane, Water vapor is also caused by global warming. Usually, the Regurgitation of the ungulate releases the tremendous amount of methane on atmosphere, which is also a culprit for global warming. 

4. All bacteria inside the human body are potent!

It is commonly believed that microbes are the invisible ruler of the world because of its humongous benefit to humankind. As we have around 6000 species of different bacteria in our gut performing useful functions. Some are so good that they synthesize different water-soluble vitamin like vitamin b complex, Vitamin k etc. It is estimated that bacteria in our gut weight around 3 to 4 pounds on every human being. Some time stool transplant may be required for curing some ailments. 

5. There are eight planets in solar system instead of nine!

Pluto was discovered in 1930 and was placed as nine planets in the solar system not until 2006 it was discarded.

6. The killer whale is not actually whaled they are the member of the dolphin family!

As killer whale is coined by its most fearsome behavior and agile status. It is not the whale and is the member of dolphin, commonly called order Cetaceans. 

7. Seasons are produced due to the distance from the sun to earth!

It is commonly believed that the season in the earth is governed by distance from the sun to the earth. However, the reason behind is actually the tilting of earth towards its own axis in 23.5°. This is the main cause of season change in the earth. We can clearly see the opposite climate in Delhi and Sydney at the same time due to this. 

8. Hibernation is compulsory in Herpetofauna!

This is not always the true that Herpetofauna remains hidden inside during the entire winter when the weather is sunny enough; they emerge out from the burrow and bask in the sun. 

9. Housefly lives for a single day!

The housefly is the most noisome fly around every home in rural as well as urban life. However, the truth is that male housefly lives around twenty-eight days. Its long life span is enough for spreading diseases. 

10. Head lice Larvae are hidden in the hair!

Unlike the other eighty-three percent of insect, which has an egg, larva, pupa, and adult called complete metamorphosis. It has egg, nymph, and adult during its life cycle called complete metamorphosis. Therefore, it escapes its phase of voracious eating. Hence, Larva of head lice does not hide on hair. 

11. Dinoceros is cold-blooded animals!

In the past, scientists around the globe use to believe that Dinoceros was the cold-blooded animal. Nevertheless, recent evidence suggests that the Dinoceros are the warm-blooded animals and incubate the eggs like the birds.

12. Pigeon feeds the milk to squab!

Pigeon baby feeds the squab with the crop milk. The secretion of the lining of crop produces the crop milk.  Regurgitation is the process in which pigeon and doves feed their kids.

13. There is no relation between the size of the nose and climate.

 Nose help in making air warm during inhaling. This is essential for organism thriving in the cold environment. You can have a glimpse of the large nose in people living in the arctic.

 14. Both the male and female mosquito bite human.

The reality is that only female mosquito bite. She requires energy for egg laying. The male mosquito feeds on the nectar from flowers.


15. Apes and monkeys both have tail

It is commonly believed that ape and monkey both have tails, but the fact is that only the monkeys have the tail.

16. The Monkey is our ancestors.

There is the strong perception among individuals that monkeys are our ancestors, but the reality is that the ancestors of the money and we human are same.

17. The Human scientific name is Homo sapiens.

 The reality is we are the subspecies of Homo sapiens called the sapiens so we are Homo Sapiens Sapiens.


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