Communism and its significance in 20th century

Communism and its significance in the 20st century have drastically changed. Communism can be literally defined as “a form of socialism that abolishes private ownership” clearly prevails its significance. Communism basically is the dogma created by Karl Marx, who is the Founder of modern communism, wrote the Communist Manifesto with Engels in 1848.

Communism has been practiced by early Greek First, an origin of communism can be traced to Ancient Greek. It is basically revived by Karl Marx. Communism is based upon the origin of species by Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin can be called the father of modern communism. This theory is basically based on materialism. Materialism is traditionally followed by nihilist, which founder was Sigmund Freud.

These theories assume that every material is in the state of agitation and there comes a tipping point where they get collide with each other. The collision causes the loss of energy of the material and becomes stable. Communism does not believe on the superpower and communist leaders do not believe in god.

Communism basically assumes human like an animal and believes human society as the animal society. For that, the only way to manage the human society is by fear and reprimand.
The first practice of communism was done at French revolution. Where the communist overthrows the government and establishes the communism. 

The first thing they did after the victory was to destroy the church and assassinate the priest. Later, they were overthrown by the soldiers. Lenin of Russia did the successful application of communism. But, its tyranny was so severe that whole the word gets sucked from it. His brutal deed includes the taking of grain from the poor farmer which causes the mass starvation and brutal punishment to those who refuse to follow him. Mao Zedong from china has also done the exceptional work.

Conflicts to establish the traditional dogma has killed a large number of people then total war combines. Communism follows on the ideal dogma. Private ownership abolishment is almost impossible in the modern digitized world. Free to media and freedom of information is the essence of the present world. Anyone trying to oppress these basic human rights will have pensive future. Overall communists can only influence ignoramus people around the developing world or in the part of the world where people are less developed. Usually, poor people fought for their freedom during the uprising of communism, but will be enslaved by the leaders who leads them.

Since the establishment of communism, it has caused lots of problems to human civilization. Human civilization following communism instead of capitalism is backward in present society. The exceptional countries that are accepting the capitalism in a communist system.
Nepal ten years civil war can be taken as the best example of the failure of communism. The death of thousands of people has not caused any economic upliftment instead it has taken the country backward. The twenty days of Nepal strike have caused the revival of the senate and election of the constitution and the further overthrow of the monarchy. These are an inevitable truth of Nepal.

The tyranny of the Nepal Maoist will continuously reverberate the entire universe. Amputation of the leg of human, Chopping off the head, keeping the landmine in the public bus will remain as the icon of heinous acts throughout the human civilization.
Despite all the ups and downs meagerly few people with the astute mind get into the politics. They and their progeny are enjoying the lavish lifestyle. Not to mention all the luxury items around the globe. The layman who indulges himself in the war to change the political system is now nowhere.

The best form of governance is the democracy in which the elected body makes the government and rule on the basis of the constitution. The economic prosperity of the individual as well as a country can only be obtained by following this method. The country, which has accepted the democracy, as the forms of governance are the most prosperous country in the world.  

Up to the present age insurgency in the name of this ideology is also taking place in the present world. Mostly the remotest part of the world is affected by this ideology. This has been used by the clever leader to electrify the audience in the name of equality to the poor.

Supported by the global powerhouses for their own benefit this has remained as one of the chronic problems in the rural part of the world. For business, especially to sell the weapons there is the organization willing to help the rebellions.

Human society is greatly governed by ideology, there is countless ideology that governs the human life. The deep-rooted religious tenets are the crystal clear example of the religious ideology.

Our society’s prosperity can only achieve by educating the population rather than alluring the ignoramus people in rustic life to carry weapons in the name of a better future. This will ultimately lead to their tumultuous life.


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