Computer Programming Languages to Make Money

The programming language is the language used to communicate with the machine. There are various programming languages among them SQL, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, C#, PYTHON, Objective-C, PHP, iOS RUBY/RAILS are the widely used languages. Modern world heavily relies on the programming language. Due to this learning how to code can make anyone’s life lucid.

A programming language is the basis of the modern world. Knowing how to code can boost the productivity in almost all fields of life. There is no requirement such as to join the university in order to learn a programming language. Anyone, anywhere in the world can learn from the rife free source.

This blog entirely focuses on providing the basis of programming language. Further, the widely used programming language of our age has been described briefly as below: 


This is the most sought programming language to communicate with a database. This is occasionally not referring to the programming language but is a vital part of relational databases. SQL has case/when/then/else/end expression.


Java the widely used programming language due to the platform independent nature. This is the property of oracle corporation and is the foundation for mobile app manufacturing. Due to lots of benefits offers, this has remained one of the widely used languages of our age.


JavaScript is generally coined as the lightweight, interpreted, and good for scripting programming language with multiple functions. Due to the capacity to support the programs like PDF, this has remained a good place in the computer software.


This is the simplest type of programming language to run a variety of applications. This programming language is developed by Microsoft and first applied in the year 2000. The syntax used in this programming language are C, C ++, and Java.


Python is widely used object oriented programming language due to its general purpose and dynamic nature. Due to the availability of python interpreters in many operating systems, it can run on almost all operating systems. This programming language is well suited for small and large projects. This is the language used by software giant Google.


This is the programming language used by Apple for OS X and iOS. This programming language was developed in the 1980s


Primarily designed for web developers but also used as the general purpose programming language. Use of the PHP is suited for web development and first appeared in 1995.


This is the mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. The operating system covers the devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPod touch. This is the second widely used operating system in mobile after the android. This was first released in the year 2007.


Ruby on Rails also coined as Rails is the programming language written in ruby. This language was initially released in the year 2005. This is the programming language used by Facebook.


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