Concise Introduction on Pictograph or Pictogram

A pictograph is the interpretation of the object representing the specific idea in the form of drawing. Pictograph has been around us from time immemorial. Due to easy in perception pictograph are around us in the form of the graph, symbol, depiction, etc. The popularity of the pictograph varies from one culture and another. The Chinese writing is the best example of the pictograph. Due to the ease in perception by the public they have been intensively used around us.


The precise time on the organ of the pictograph is vague. Our ancestor makes the carving in the cave as the form of pictograph. The best example of the early pictograph is the marvelous cave painting found around the globe. There is evidence of pictograph used in writing forms from around five thousand years ago. Chinese written system often known as logographic writing system uses the pictographs as the tool.


Pictograph has been widely used to convey information in lucid ways. Usually, they are used to convey the information of religious ideas and magical powers in past. The graphical representation of ideal often refers to as the ideograms are widely used to catch people attention in the place that is required the most. Pictogram serves as the universal langue to dissipate information. It crosses the language barrier of different culture and society. Due to ease in perception pictograms has been around from the time immemorial.

Difficulty in Making

In the superficial observation, pictographs mimic the easy tasks. It is not easy to make the pictograph as commonly perceived. There are many facts to consider while manufacturing the pictographs.


This is the picture painting in the rocks and often refers to as the rock art.


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