Create PayPal Send Only Account and Verify in Nepal

PayPal is the North American Company specialized in payment online around the globe. Due to its reliable nature, it is gaining popularity in online money transfer around the globe. Anyone doing online business is aware of this company. These acts as the good mediator between Clint and the bank as it facilitates payment by hiding the card detail of the Clint.

Note: There are no options of receive in Nepalese PayPal. 

Steps in creating PayPal account in Nepal

  1. Got the site
  2. Here you need to select between a personal account and a business account.
  3. If you are looking for the personal use select the personal account.
  4. If you are looking for business use select the business account.
  5. Enter your email once and password twice.
  6. Just click next.
  7. You need to verify mail id
  8. Log into your mail id and click the link that the PayPal has sent you.

Linking the card

  1. Just log into the PayPal official site
  2. You need to link the master card to the Payoneer account in Nepal.
  3. The card must be activated before you link it to the PayPal account.
  4. None of the master card available in Nepali bank supports the PayPal account.
  5. You need to have around $5 in order to link the master card.
  6. You need to include the master card number, Expiry date, and CVV.
  7. CVV is the three-digit number on the back of the master card.
  8. After filling all the information you need to click next.
  9. PayPal withdraws 1 pound from your card.
  10. PayPal provides you the code in the bank statement of the card.
  11. The code needs to be inserted in the PayPal account.
  12. PayPal returns the 1-pound.
  13. Your PayPal account is now linked to the master card.
If you do not link the PayPal account to the master card. PayPal withdraws a huge sum of money on each transaction. Before opening the PayPal account open the Payoneer card. All this operation is free and does not require money.

PayPal bank in Nepal

There is no PayPal, Bank in Nepal. You need to verify the master card from the international bank in order to use the PayPal account with ease.

PayPal Office in Nepal

There is no PayPal office to assist you in creating the account. You can open the account by following simple steps mention here it save time and money.

Does PayPal works in Nepal

Yes, PayPal works in Nepal. You need to create the Payoneer account first to link to the PayPal account. All this operation is free and does not charge you money.

How to receive money from PayPal account In Nepal

Sending money to the PayPal account is easy. You need to provide the mail id of your PayPal account. But the truth is that sending options is not available in our country. 

Transfer money from PayPal in Nepal

This is the simple process as your PayPal account is linked to the Master card. You do not need to be a pundit to withdraw money from the PayPal account.

  • You need to go to the PayPal website and log in securely
  • There is the withdraw option located at the top of the page.
  • You need to select to transfer money to the bank account
  • The sum of the money to withdraw need to be inserted
  • You need to select the bank account to be withdrawn.
  • First, make sure to open the Payoneer or its alternative bank account


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