Debunking the Futile Hype of Vitamin B 12

Vitamin B12 is the water-soluble vitamin. Due to its solubility of the water unused vitamin get excreted from the body. Due to this daily intake of this vitamin 12 is essential to consume on the daily basis.

Whatever may be the cause this vitamin is widely noticed vitamin due to the virtual absence of the reliable plant source. There are several reasons why this vitamin is overrated. Various bogus supplements with the non-bioavailability are rife in the market.

Due to the absence of the reliable plant source, anyone shifting in the vegan diet needs to consider about the possible deficiency of this vitamin (1).

Technically vitamin B 12 is known as cobalamin.

Function of Vitamin B 12

This is essential for the adequate functioning of the nervous system, better functioning of the brain.

Chronic deficiency of the vitamin B 12 can cause the irreversible damage to the brain and the nervous system. Mental delusion and cognitive disorders are encountered in the advanced phase.


The capacity to synthesize the Vitamin B 12 is localized in the bacteria and the archaea as they have the enzyme require for the synthesis of the Vitamin B 12.

Animal meat like the organ meat, fish, beef, insect, egg, etc. are the common animal sources of the vitamin B 12. Certain species of the mushroom, seaweed also are known to contain the vitamin B 12.

Further, Spirulina and Aloe vera contain the vitamin B12 but the bioavailability is often questioned.  

Human Gut Bacteria Synthesize B 12

The bacteria thriving in the colon secrete the vitamin B 12. Due to the location of the synthesis farther from the small intestine which causes obstruction in the adequate absorption of the nutrient.

Auxiliary Vitamin B 12

The addition of the vitamin B 12 in the diet is often done to combat the nutrition deficiency caused by the vitamin B 12.

Dose vitamin B 12 Supplement Mandatory

There are various reliable sources of the vitamin B 12 which can provide an adequate amount of the vitamin required for the human body.

Without considering the physician it can be the waste of the money and health to consume vitamin B 12 supplements.

Vegan and Vitamin B 12

There is the need to adequately understand on the potential consequence of the chronic deficiency of the vitamin B 12 in the diet.

Based on the current research there are no reliable plant sources of the vitamin B 12. Only the forfeited Vitamin B 12 is claimed to provide the adequate amount of the vitamin B12 for the vegan (2).

The beneficial bacteria in the colon synthesize the vitamin B 12. The Large intestine absorbs the water(3) and vitamin B 12 is the water-soluble vitamin.  This body mechanism facilitates the vitamin B 12 absorbed by the body. Due to this Unnecessary hype of the Vitamin B, 12 cannot be justified.

Although, there are several oppositions on this belief.


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