Domain Flipping Business in Nepal

Domains are the name used in representing specific networks. The domain names are bounded with the rules and procedure of the Domain Name System (DNS). Domain name is administrated to the public by the Doman Name registrars.
Domain flipping is the process of buying the Doman at a low price and selling it at higher prices. This has become a lucrative profession in the present age. Today I am going to give details about how to making this business profitable. The beauty of Doman flipping is that millions of dollars of profit can be made in a short period of time.

The websites like a jet, Flipper, freelance, etc. are some of the buzz company offering this service. Due to the rise in a number of people registering and selling the domain, this has gained enormous popularity. You need to register for the account in order to start using the services.

You need to have PayPal and international bank account in order to step into this business. You can pay for domain registration from your Payoneer card and make the payment from the PayPal. Detail about making Payoneer and PayPal account have already been described in a previous blog.

Register domain names

For the purpose of buying and selling of the domain, you need to register the domain on your name. These processes charge you around $12 per year when you register yourself for the single domain. The first step for the domain registration is to check on the website if the list is available. If it is available you can register and start selling them at a higher price.

Domain flipping in subdomains

Flipping the domain in the subdomains involves the transferring of the register names. This process is usually not lucrative and not supported by almost all the platform that supports subdomain. Subdomains have the limited access to the various facilities. This is the process of selling the domain in higher prices, which does not seem to be lucrative for business purposes. There must be the customer willing to buy the subdomain. So, it does not seem pragmatic to flip the subdomain to get the benefit.

Domain flipping for dummies

Due to the high lucrative nature of this business, there has been an immense blog on teaching how the domain flipping works. There is rife knowledge on the Internet to replay on. Strategy rife on the Internet is the strategy used by everyone it will be hard to make money out of it. You need to create your own strategy to make this business profitable by using your own learned skills.

The person who spends lots of time studying business is the business professor, whereas the people who practice business for a long time are billionaires. Similarities, a pundit in the politics is the university professor who teaches politics throughout the life. People who practice the politics are called the politician. I just want to make clear about differentiating between adequate knowledge and adequate practice.

Like any other business around, one needs to start with little investment. If you start the domain flipping business by buying an expensive domain you might possibly be broke in no time. The tenets set by someone does not work for everyone. There is the need of adequate lucubration on specific business you are trying to make a profit.

Domain flipping tactics

There are some widely used domains flipping tactics in order to gain the profit from it. Precise use of the tactics inadequate timing can yield better results in a considerable less amount of time. Some of the commonly used tactics are summarized below:

1. You should not be anxious on a flipping domain and should not buy and sell the domain in a rush.

2. Pricing of the domain needs to be done by taking consideration of the potential traffic. Normally the domains are sold in around $1000. Higher and lower price of the domain can cause the negative impact on this business.

3. Use Google to find out the page ranking of the domain name. If it is a good shape that is on the first page of Google. You might take further steps.

4. You can try to register the domain, which is available on the first page of the search engine. Sometimes people forget to renew the domain name this can be a gold mine for you. As this domain sells at a higher price because of the fact that they have already gained lots of traffic.

5. Do not bid at higher prices at the beginning. Bid at the lower prices if nobody bids, and then the domain names are yours. If there are bidders there will be competition on the bidder in second steps. If you bid high at the beginning and nobody bids you needs to pay the high price. Keep this in mind while bidding the websites.

6. There is profitable and non-profitable niche. Always seeks for the profitable niche, as the buyers are willing to pay you higher price only if they see the potential of the domain name.

7. You can make the leap on a flipping website after gaining the considerable experience and time. You can register the domain and host the website. Make the killer website and sell them at the higher price. Flipping websites are much lucrative than flipping domains.

8. There have been articles that you need to invest around 15 hours per week in order to gain the profit. This is not always true; you need to spend hours on the enhancing knowledge in this field.

9. There is competition in money making in every aspect of human life. Ways of making money require diligent hard work unless you are among some lucky few. You need to spend considerable time educating yourself. There are lots of pitfalls, dupe, and unethical organization to lure you and put you in a trap.

10. Do not follow the strategy of the pundit of the domain flipping. Whole the Internet runs on the machine in other words programs. Everyone can manipulate the system either paying or by some means in order to rip the benefit from it. Blindly following someone can cause huge loss esp. someone, who is beginning of the business.


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