Early Human Migrations Around the Globe

Where do we originate? This is the important question people are thinking through the age. All the traditional belief system focus in the question on how we human beings get originated. There are several belief systems with the dogma on how human beings originated. The wildest belief tenet is the Scientific one which is described in this article.

A human can be scientifically termed as Homo sapiens sapiens. We are the only surviving subspecies of the Genus Homo. Various paleontological evidence discovered and waiting to be discovered is giving the precise estimation of how human Migrated.

Interesting Facts:

1. Migration History

The widely established dogma claims that human originated from Africa. Our ancestors are believed to have lived in Africa from 6 to 2 millions years ago. There is the evidence of our ancestor left Africa 75,000 years ago. Fossil of the Homo Sapiens is found in south East Asia in 50,000 years ago. In 46,000 years ago they reached to Australia. Our ancestor reached Europe 43,000 years ago.  Human occupied North America in 14,300 years ago and this has been hugely debated. This finding is based on the fossil record excavated. More will the finding of fossil adequate will be the prediction of the migration of the Human.

2. Reason for Migration

There are various hypotheses on the reasons for our ancestor to migrate outside Africa. The widely accepted claims that lack of food supply due to the ice age has compelled our ancestor to lift the Africa.


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