How Does Flying Squirrel Fly

Flying squirrel is the nocturnal mammal mostly remaining active during nighttime. Their adaptation to remain active during the nighttime has caused numerous predictions about their flying mechanism. These are omnivorous animal eating insects, spider, bird’s eggs, flowers, etc. They are mainly found in cold climate. There are lots of societies around the globe with the supernatural story about this elusive creature.

Unlike birds that fly with the help of wing, flying squirrel has the thin skin that connects the fore and hind limbs. This thin layer of skin acts like the parachute and mimic the flight like that of birds while jumping from one tree to another. In the single gliding, it can jump up to 90 meters. Due to this peculiar nature, this nocturnal creature receives lots of attention around the globe.

Birds have the pneumatic bone for making the body ultra light for flight. The pneumatic bones are the bone, which has air inside the bone. The mechanism of gliding of flying squirrel is different from flying of the bird.


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