How to built website Step by Step

Quick review:
  • The first step is to acquire the domain name from concern site. 
  • The second step is to find the web hosting site which will keep the web page.
It is commonly believed by the beginners that one must need programming knowledge to build a website. But this is not always true. One can build the good website without any programming knowledge. Simply by using the template from the site. Learning HTML, CSS, Javascript helps but there is no compulsion for this.  Let us make clear by simple ten steps: 

  1. First and foremost requirement for the website is to obtain the domain name from sites. First, you need to search domain availability of your required name. If found, you can register by paying money online. If you don't want to pay you can register in subdomain website. But. there are pros and cons of registering in subdomain website. As google add sensor might not function in some. You can go for for domain registration. 
  2. The second step is to acquire the web hosting site. These are basically the data store center as your web page must be visible 24/7 on the internet. There are various options but I personally recommend cloud hosting. might be one of your choices from many. But do remember you need to pay for it per year. Again if you use subdomain than the host will publish your website for free. 
  3. You can establish your website by using several templates found on the web hosting site. 
  4. One can add the advertisement from the different company by using various ways. One common is the google Adsense for this you need to create an account and log into it. You need to copy and paste the HTML given by google to your site. 
  6. The ultimate aim of web making is business promotion and to earn money and more money so you need to put an advertisement on your site.
  7. Money that advertiser gives depends upon the advertise hosting site. There is strong variation from one to another. you need to produce the separate account of each host. 
  8. Do not be greedy and flood your website with too much aid this will depreciate your reputation.
  9. There is the strong demand for update content in your website as advertising company might need to review your website frequently. 
  10. Last and the most important part is keeping your username and passport at the safe place. You can write your username and passport in the notebook. Because; you can forget one if you have many!


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