How to Earn Money From Facebook in Nepal

Facebook is the social giant company founded in the year 2004 in Cambridge United State. It has more than 1 billion users around the globe. It has the highest number of a user, then the entire social network combined. So, obviously, this is the best place to do the business.

The hidden secret of making money on Facebook is to sell the product by using the affiliate link. Seems like the grueling process. Do not get worried I will provide step-by-step ways on how to create the affiliate link and to past the aid.

There are gluts of affiliate marketing site to pay you the commission on selling their products. You need to follow the step-by-step procedure mention here. Like all the pundits of the Internet, anyone around the globe can make the money.

Facebook does not allow to posting the affiliate link in the status so how would you post the link. Do not get worried there is a solution for every problem. You do not need to be a connoisseur for earning money from Facebook.

First, the step is to create the page on the Facebook by clicking the Create the page bottom. You might be thinking of photos. Do not worry about the photos in the digital word. There are sites, which offer the stock photos for free for commercial use. You can visit one site to download photos and use it.

You need to paste the affiliate link in the page and majestic photos in it. This creates the traffic to your site.

You have created the page and how to advertise it. As the beginners do not go for paid aid. Facebook will allure to promote the page by doing advertisement on the Facebook. This can be costly as there is a hidden risk of bringing the leads and not the sell. You will be bankrupt if this happens. As a whole, the Internet business is about making money.

If possible, start your own business and promote your own product for free. This will be very lucrative if done correctly. You are selling your own product on Facebook for free. It seems absolutely gorgeous.

How to get visitors to your site free of cost. Yes, you can get tons of visitors to your site. Make the blog in Google on BlogSpot and put the link in there which can automatically bring the traffic in no time. Send the link to your friends and family members and ask for likes and comment. Remember that likes do not contribute in Search Engine optimization.

Comments have the value so ask for a comment to your friends and family member as much as possible. Just paste your promotion page in the Facebook, twitter, and link on YouTube, Instagram, pin in Pinterest and other social networking sites you use.

There is the need of precaution while selling the product. Do not sell the product because you are given a higher commission by the click bank or other sites. You need to sell the quality product in order to gain the good reputation from the customers.

How to create the affiliate link?

There are gluts of the company to offer the affiliate link. You can sign up for the amazon affiliate program and get the code. The commission is low, but amazon in the good company and pays you well. More you will sell more is your commission. You can sign up for the affiliate program of amazon here.

Online jobs for Nepali Students

There are gluts of work for Nepali Student. You need to have the PayPal account and Master Card. First, sign up for the Payoneer account to activate the PayPal account free of cost. Facebook can be very lucrative for Nepali students in order to sell the product.

Passive income in Nepal

Passive income refers to something that is of the low amount. You need to have multiple ways of passive income in order to meet the mundane life needs and wants. Facebook, twitter, Blogger, Freelancer, up work, etc. is tons of sites for making the passive income in Nepal.

Best way to earn money in Nepal

Due to rife users of Facebook in Nepal. You can earn money from Facebook advertisement. It requires diligent attention and hard work to earn money.

There is no excuse on Internet as you are competing with the man from the developed world with sophisticated technology. You need to open your mind for new information every day to sustain in the Internet business.


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