How to open the Payoneer account from SAARC country name India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.


Use of the Payoneer bank account, facilitate the trade in the SAARC region due to ease in the payment options around the globe.

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation also known as SAARC is the union in South Asia. Country in the SAARC includes the India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan,

Payoneer review

The cost of the Payoneer account is around $30 per year. Further, It allocates $25 while signing up the account so for the first year you can enjoy the Payoneer account with minimal fees. $25 is allocated to account only if the account has $100 in it. You will not get $25 after completing the SignUp process. Payoneer bank is one of the most trusted banks by the online marketers in our age due to its flexible and reliable nature.

Payoneer account

To open the Payoneer account, you need to follow the simple steps like submitting the email address. Creating the password. Filling the birth date in English. Uploading the valid id like the citizenship id or driving license or the passport. You need to fill the exact information in the form and should match the document you provide

Steps in making the Payoneer account

  • Log into the Payoneer
  • Put the username.
  • Your email address.
  • Repeat email address.
  • Enter the birth date in English.
  • Upload the supporting document like the Password, Driving license, and National id.
  • For address verification, electricity bill and Water bill works.
  • Bank statement for the verification of address is not valid for Payoneer account.
  • You will get messages when your card gets approval.
  • Your card will be delivered to the address you provide while filling the form. 
  • You can activate the card online by using the card number on the Payoneer official account.
  • Four number pin can be set up during this process. This is a pin of your master card for the use mostly in Automatic trailer machine.

Payoneer and PayPal

You can use both the Payoneer and PayPal for the online payment recipient as well as payment. Payoneer handles the bulk money, whereas the PayPal handles the small amount of money. You need to link the PayPal account in the master card so that it charges, the minimum account of money in each transaction. PayPal works without linking the master card but charges the huge sum of money per transfer.

Payoneer and Skrill

Payoneer is the New York-based company whereas the shrill in the United Kingdom based company founded in the year 2001. Both have the same objective to make the online money transfer smooth and effective. The Payoneer was founded in the year 2005 and is the member of the Global master card. Both are good for anyone doing the online business. The opening of the Skrill is relatively easier than opening the account on the Payoneer. If you are a freelancer and thinking of adding the online account in freelance you can use the Skrill. The Picture below is the glimpse of Skrill Signup Process. 

A Payoneer prepaid debit master card

Payoneer offers the prepaid debit master card around the globe. This can be very lucrative for someone wishing to make money online by using the Internet. Due to an easy mode of opening a bank account and reliable, nature it is gaining immense popularity around the globe including the south Asia.

Payoneer $25

Payoneer offers $25 for the signing of the account. This is made available only after the account gets $100 loaded. At the beginning, Payoneer does not give the $25 after signing up for the account. This needs to be clear while opening the account.

2 Payoneer account

You can create the 2 Payoneer from the same account using the different email address. This is the bank so it does not seem ethical to make more than one account of the single people. Payoneer clearly states that it can only give one active card for the cardholder per currency.

How to activate inactive Payoneer account

If your account is inactive for at least 6 months, then the Payoneer deactivate the account. You can activate your account later by contacting the customer care of the Payoneer.

I have $0 in account

This does not cause the deactivation of the account. Unless your account gets inactive for around 6 months there is no problem from the Payoneer. If the account gets inactive, you can activate later by contacting the customer care. This is the easy process.


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