How to Open the Payoneer Account in Nepal

What is the Payoneer 

It is the online money transfer and e-commerce payment site. The company headquarters is in New York and it is established in the year 2005. This company offers the prepaid debit cards around the globe which can be a milestone for the one doing business in the developing country where none of the banks is connected to the international bank. Due to its flexible nature, it is gaining immense popularity in the developing country like India, Nepal, Pakistan, etc.

Payoneer card Nepal

Payoneer offers the prepaid master card around the globe. This can be more important for the people, especially of the developing country like Nepal. The reason is that none of the banks in Nepal is internationally connected. Some banks offer the master card but this can be a frustrating process followed by inability to work around the globe.

Payoneer is best for receiving as well as sending money. You can send the money from Payoneer to anyone around the globe. It offers the bank Name, Routing number as well the account number. If you need the payment from certain international companies this can be the easiest.

Our country in lagging behind not only on the economy but also in the different aspect. We are among the sluggish Internet connection around the globe. This is mainly due to a lower number of users using the Internet. Mostly the social media like the Facebook is used rife in Nepal. There is the urgent need of education on how to make money from the Facebook account in lucid ways.

Payoneer vs. PayPal

Payoneer is the bank that offers the prepaid master card. The receiving of the master card takes time. Opening the PayPal account is like signing up for any site. In the other word opening PayPal account is easy and  Payoneer account is hard. Usually, Payoneer handles the bulk account, whereas the PayPal handles the small amount of money. PayPalcan operate without the card but it will withdraw a large amount of money during the transaction for its fees. The pioneer master card can be linked to the PayPal so that it withdraws small transaction during the money transfer.

A small amount of transaction can be transferred from the PayPal account. This is the most sought payment by small companies. The pay to click website pays through the PayPal account. This can be lucrative anyone wishing to do small jobs requiring few dollar transactions. PayPal enables you to pay from the card by hiding the information of the card.

  Payoneer card not received

There might be many reasons for not receiving the card the common are described below. Not giving the GPO address or the wrong address typed during the form fill-up. Normally it takes around one month to receive the master card in Nepal after approval. After your account gets approved. They will clearly provide the date on which you are expected to get the card. You can expect to receive the card just before that date.

Payoneer alternate

There are few options available in Nepal for international payment. These are mostly Payoneer and Skrill. The Payoneer is the bank offering the prepaid master card around the globe where shrill helps in the transfer of money from online bank account. The Skrill works in the freelance and other account and directly transfer the money to the e-Sewa. If you want to work on the freelancer website, I highly recommend shrill as it directly transfers the money to esewa with is the very easy process.

 Create the Payoneer account

It requires simple steps to follow. Log into the Payoneer account. Fill in the form. You need to provide the exact address in attached document while opening the Payoneer account. Due to this, you need to take caution while providing the address. The address verification process is the most complicated process while opening the  Payoneer account in Nepal. As the Electricity bill, water bill you provide must exactly match with the billing information you provide while opening the account. For id you can provide national id, driving license, passport. My recommendation is to provide the passport.

  1. Sign up at
  1. Enter the fist name last name
  1. Enter the mail id two times: remember this for future use.
  1. Date of birth 
  1. Upload the Id: Passport, Driving license or national id
  1. Provide the contact detail that matches exactly with the document you supplied
  1. Precaution should be taken while verifying the address as this is the most challenging. 

Get the card free

You do not require any money while opening the Payoneer account. You just need to fill up the information and submit it to the website. You will be deducted $30 dollar at the end of the year in flat. There are some amount of money require during every transaction that is $3 when you withdraw from an ATM. When the card rejected in the ATM you will be deducted $1. The best way is to link any Nepali bank account in the Payoneer account. This is the easy process and does not require serious lucubration. You need to provide bank account number and the swift code, name of the bank, etc.

Payoneer billing address

The billing address you provide must match with the information you provide while opening the account. You need to provide the supporting documents to validate the address. That is the Electricity bill or the telephone bill. Just remember to provide the exact address you used well to fill the information into account. This is important so I am trying to give emphasis on this. 

Payoneer card withdrawal fees

Do not insert the Payoneer card in all the Bank ATM as they charge you large sums of money per transaction. You can withdraw Rs 35000 from the Nabil Bank ATM with the charge of about $2.5 or use the standard Standard Chartered bank or Nepal SBI Bank. Keep in mind that this card works in all the ATM but the bank can charge you a huge amount of money per transaction.

To facilitate the money, withdraw link your Nepali bank account in the Payoneer account. This will provide you ease and save a lot of time in the transaction. The only thing you need to provide is the swift code with the account number and bank name. This is easy, try this.

Payoneer card fees

Payoneer card fees are around thirty dollars per year. This will be automatically deducted from your account at the end of the year.

Payoneer to Payoneer transfer

There is no transaction cost to transfer from Payoneer to Payoneer account. This is the simple process and can be done with ease.


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