Increase in Profit Online by Finding New Customer

All the business in the world thrives in the customer use of services and product. More in the number of customers visiting frequency more will be the profit. Higher the number of returning customer stable will be the business. It is normally estimated that creating new customer cost more than six times than retaining the old customer.

There will be a financial burden to drive traffic from new customer to the site. Large numbers of advertisement that are for finding the new customer are the perfect example of it.

While advertisement for the online customer there is the requirement to place the advertisement in the adequate niche. Posting advertisement randomly can increase the bounce rate, as more dummy customer will drive to the site. These needs to be considering seriously as it directly impacts the presence of site in organic search.

Finding new customer

There are a couple of ways which when to integrate into the marketing strategy will produce the great results. There is no any foolproof way to attract the customer to the business. Although this is the common approach mostly used by every marketer this is also relevant as well.

  • Knowing the customer behavior and make the marketing of product accordingly.
  • Always gives the incentive for the new and existing customer to visit the site. The incentive can be in the form of a discount on the product and services.
  • Make your website simple and attractive.
  • Collect email id of the customer from the newsletter signs up by giving the incentive like giving the expensive free ebook. Do not just ask to signup for newsletter without giving any reward.

  • Use the pay per click advertisement to get effective traffic to the site.
  • Start the affiliate program and reward the right channel. Rewarding someone on referring to sign up can be of great value.
  • There is the need to sell the product you use instead of selling the random thing for a higher commission.

Ways to get more sales from existing customer

This is where the business thrives and prospers. Selling to the existing customer is the core of business health.

  • Find out the customer who is active and using your service from the email list. Treat them special by giving an adequate discount to the business and services.
  • Give the discount to the product and services occasionally. This is important, especially in the holidays and festival seasons.
  • Large firms require a large number of the loyal employee. There is the need to select the honest employee and constant need to cross check them.

  • Use of buy bottom and payment options needs to keep lucid as possible.
  • Any comment by the customers in the services need to be addressed adequately.
  • Create some lottery program to reward few customers every year.
  • Customer who has not visited for a long time need to be attracted with the adequate discount or any rewards.


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