Lychee Paradox: Health Benefit and Hidden Danger

Lychee is the luscious fruit grown mainly in the tropical part of the world. Due to its aesthetically appealing nature, pleasant taste upon ripening it is gaining immense popularity. It is claimed to be native to china (1). Propagation of the lychee is mostly done by vegetative means instead of seed. Fruiting takes place faster in the vegetatively propagated plant.

Lychee is the evergreen tree. The lychee tree can attain the height of up to 28 meters. It is the perennial tree in which fruiting takes place once in the year. Fruiting takes place in April and May.

Lethal to the Infant

Consuming the unripe lychee can be lethal to the infant. Due to this, the infant should not be given the unripe lychee. There is the serious need of supervision by the adult during the fruiting season. The unripe lychee is sour in taste and children have the strong affinity to the unripe lychee.  Consumption of raw lychee by the infant is associated with massive lowering of the glucose in the blood with the higher mortality rate (2).

Health Benefit of Lychee are Summarized Below

Lychee is reached source of carbohydrate, vitamin C, vitamin B Complex and the trace amount of minerals. The Health benefits of consuming lychee revolve around these facts.

1. Combat Aging and Noisome Bacteria in Urinary Tract

Consuming around eight ripe lychee can provide the adequate amount of vitamin C Necessary for the human body in the single day. Vitamin C is the potent antioxidant that decelerates the aging effect. The damage to the cell by the free radical is prevented by the consumption of the antioxidant.

The innate Vitamin C in the lychee is helpful to boost the immune system. This is helpful in combat of common ailments like the seasonal flu.

Further, the acidic nature of the vitamin c is considered good for the urinary tract. As the acidic nature of the vitamin C is claimed to be lethal for the noisome bacteria thriving in the urinary tract.

2. Enhance the Metabolism

Metabolism involves two processes going simultaneously that is the catabolism and the anabolism. Catabolism is the breaking process and the anabolism is the building process.

Metabolism is essential for removing an unwanted substance from the body. Insulin resistance is the common example of poor metabolism that needs to be checked.

The presence of vitamin B complex like B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 can be effective to enhance metabolism.

3. Constipation

The scant amount of fiber content in the lychee is effective for the adequate bowel movement. Further, increase metabolic rate by consuming lychee boost the excretory system.

4. Healthy Heart

The potassium innate in the lychee is helpful for mentioning the normal functioning of the heart.

5. Weight Loss

The low content of sodium and fat can be beneficial for losing weight. Due to the high amount of carbohydrate consumption in moderation is the best options.


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