Majestic Effect of Alcohol on Human Body

Majority of  person around us seems to be enjoying the savor of Alcohol. Very few seem to be aware of the facts about the origin of such an Elixir. Not only in our country, alcohol is consumed throughout the world, despite being restricted by some religion  to drink it. People are becoming crazy on drinking alcohol day by day. It is estimated that about two billion people in the world consume alcoholic drinks. It is also an inseparable part  in certain ethnic tribe. From the birth till death and during every special occasion alcoholic drink is the most of such tribal people.

The history of alcohol consumption dates back to as early  as the Neolithic period (10,000 BC). When the discovery of late stone age jugs has established the fact that purposely fermented beverages existed. It is believed that earliest Alcoholic beverage seems to have made from honey or berries. Wild gape regions of the middle east is believed to be the father of winemaking.

There are mainly three main categories of alcoholic drinks: beer, wine and distilled spirits i.e. Hard liquor. Beer is produced mainly from grain, malt, hops, yeast and water. The production of beer dates back to 2000 BC. The percentage of alcohol in beer varies from three to six. Wine is produced from fruits mainly grapes, berries, peaches, etc. Normally wine contains around nine to fourteen percentage of alcohol. But fortified wines contain approximately twenty percentage alcohol because they contain added alcohol or brandy to increase the percentage of alcohol. 

Naturally the natural  fermentation process stops when the alcohol content reaches fourteen percent. Unfortunately , the distillation process discovered by the Arabs leads to the use this type of beverage with a higher alcoholic content. This process involves heating the substance of choice and capturing the stream that is released. When cooled, such stream contains less water and more alcohol. Varieties of products are used for detailed spirit including corn (bourbon), 

Potatoes (vodka), sugar cane (rum), wine (brandy) and malts or grains (scotch).  Usually, alcohol ranges in whiskey (40 to 50%), Rum (40 to 55%), Brandy (30 to 60%), Gin (37 to 40%), Liqueurs (15 to30%) and Tequila (35 to 40%).

Alcohol when drink passes through the stomach. It is estimated that twenty percent of alcohol gets absorbed in the stomach . As alcohol did not need to be digested  the central nervous system depressant passes  into the intestine quickly, while it is rapidly absorbed into the blood and distributed throughout the body. It takes only a few minutes to reach alcohol to every part of the body. Brain is the first  part of body affected by alcohol drinking . Mainly alcohol dulls the part of the brain that controls how our body works, affecting our decision making , actions, etc. Alcohol affect the mood and make  a person feel down or aggressive.

The consumption of alcohol varies greatly around the globe. The rural part of the world with lots of ethnic tribes are the huge consumer of alcoholic beverage. Some society considers the consumption of alcohol as the regular act whereas other society regards the consumption of alcohol as heinous acts. There are alcohol candy, alcohol bread, alcohol mixed with different edible items. Despite all the facts, almost all the society around the globe seems to savor this marvelous drink.

There has been lots of health as well as socioeconomic effect from drinking this beverage. Some of this are listed as below

1. Excessive alcohol consumption can impair the vision when consumed in large quantities over the short period of time.

2. Alcohol is detoxified by the liver. Excessive consumption can lead to the malfunction of liver the potent detoxifying mechanism in the body.

3. Can affect the normal digestive process leading to diarrhea, constipation, etc.

4. Hangover due to the dehydration after drinking the alcohol can cause lots of noisome resulting in a decrease in productivity in the following day. The hangover can lessen by consuming the lemon drink before having the alcohol. The best options is to consume the alcohol in moderation.

5. There are a countless society who provides the lower social status to the binge drinker. Further, certain religion in the specific country ban the consumption of alcohol. Someone living permanently in this country can only dream of drinking alcohol instead of consuming it. This can lead to the prison sentence.

6. Consuming cheap alcohol in the rural part of the world can expose someone in acute formaldehyde poisoning. Consuming of methyl alcohol instead of ethyl alcohol can lead anyone to the death, vision loss, malfunction of vital organ of the body.

7. Drinking and driving is the major cause of the accident. There has been rising in the accident due to this activity.

8. Consuming alcohol by teenager less than eighteen years of age is illegal in almost all parts of the word. This can lead to the fine and can leads to a rehabilitation camp.

9. Alcohol being an expensive drink can lead anyone to poverty. Excessive indulgence in expensive alcoholic drink can lead to the poverty in the long run. There are rife alcohol bottle on the internet with price tags of tens of thousands of dollars.

10. The tolerance of alcohol is greatly influenced by race, genetic makeup and different factors that individual is built in. So, the health effect of the alcohol varies with different person. This needs to be taken serious consideration while consuming the alcoholic drink.


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