Majestic Facts About Musk Deer

Musk deer is the elusive creature thriving around the southeastern Asian Himalayas. They are found in cold place, have no antler, a pair of tusks like teeth and a notorious musk gland. Musk deer weight up to 17kg and total length can be up to 100 centimeters and varies with the species. It has an average lifespan of 14 years in wild but in captive 20 years lifespan has ben noted.

Due to its habitat in the adverse climatic situation, it has unique adaptive feature. They are mostly active during the dusk and in down. When the climate is suitable the predominate diet comprises of leaves, flowers, grasses, etc.  During the adverse climatic condition, they feed in the mosses and lichen. 

Due to the presence of musk gland in the male deer, which have the high market value the population of the musk deer, is on the decline. Poacher kills this animal for obtained the musk. There is some practice of obtaining the musk from the musk deer by commercial harvesting and is gaining popularity in china.

Despite the introduction of perfume that mimics the odor of the musk people are still killing the musk deer. There seems no specific reason to kill the musk deer. All the innocent killing of the musk deer needs to be abolished.

Facts About the Musk Deer:

1. Musk Teeth

Male Musk deer have a pair of teeth for fighting with the male during the breeding season. Due to the absence of antler, this is the sole weapon to mention the territory. There has been the misconception that these teeth are like the fangs of the snake to induce venom.

2. Musk

The odor from the gland of the male musk deer has the peculiar smell and has been used in perfume since ancient times. Due to this reason for the population decline of the musk deer and is endangered nowadays. The musk gland weight merely 30 grams and merely half of the weight are musk.

3. Medicinal Value

The mask obtained from the musk deer has lots of imprecation for the various hearts, brain diseases. Despite the alternative medication available for curing ailments killing of the innocent animals is unjustifiable.

4. As Meat

The meat of the musk deer is considered of great delicacy and is consumed by local around the natural habitat. Consumption of the meat is claimed to produce lots of beneficial effect to the human body, which has no scientific proof.


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