Majestic Facts About Omnipresent Rice

Rice is the grass widely cultivated in the world. The cultivation of rice is the third largest one in the world. The sugarcane and maize are the first and second widely cultivated plants around the globe. The domestication of the rice date back to the long time past. The demand of the rice is accelerated by its easy way of cooking.

Due to innocuous nature of rice, this has been the major diet and contribute one fifth of the total calorie consumed by humans. Rice is the staple food mainly in the developing country.

Production of rice required the huge amount of nutrition and water. It is estimated that annual water consumption is around 30 cm. Due to the labor-intensive cultivation of the rice plant, it is generally grown in the area with the cheap labor force.

Recently due to the wide use of the policed rice, there has been the rise in the health problems around the globe.

Benefit of Eating Rice

1. Innocuous Nature

Due to the absence of any sodium and bad cholesterol in rice consumption of rice is considered innocuous. Further, the protein and fiber in the brown rice are considered as the healthy diet.

2. Lack of Gluten

Lack of gluten in the rice can be the best diet for anyone suffering from gluten intolerance. This can be the stapled food for the one suffering from gluten intolerance.

3. Easy to Prepare

Rice is relatively easy to prepare compared to other food available. Due to easy process of preparing this is widely consumed around the globe

4. Good Source of Carbohydrate

Rice is the good source of carbohydrate necessary for producing energy in the body.

5. Less Expensive

Due to less expensive compared to other food, this is widely consumed in the developing nations.

Drawbacks of Eating Rice

Due to the presence of phytates the anti-nutrient that caused hindrance in the absorption of nutrient and minerals in the soil.

1. High Glycemic Index

Due to high glycemic index in rice that is 80 for white rice. Brown rice with the glycemic index of 50 is less consumed around the globe. Due to this reason, various chronic disease like diabetes and obesity arises.

2. Lack of Vital Nutrient and Vitamin

Due to the absence of vitamin b1 in rice, it is associated with different problems like fatigue, indigestion, mental retardation, etc.

3. Increase the Acidity in Body

Intake of rice is linked with the acidity in the body. This makes the body prone to the disease due to acidic nature. Our blood is alkaline so regular consumption leads to lots of noisome effects.

4. Low Level of Fiber

Due to the low content of fiber in the food, it is related to the decrease in intestinal cleansing capacity.


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