Majestic Information of Pneumonia in infant

Pneumonia is the acute inflammation in the lungs, which is caused by bacterial, virus, mycoplasmas, fungi, and various chemicals. The symptoms of the bacterial and viral pneumonia are different. It is essential to be familiarized with this deadly disease causing numerous death of the infant.

Pneumonia can be cured by several medications available in the market. Due to inaccessible places in the remote part of world treatment can be very hard leading to the casualty.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

1. Fast breathing followed by fast heartbeat.
2. Fever but not always.
3. Exhausted due to tiredness in short duration.
4. Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.
5. High fever may cause shaking and teeth chattering.
6. High fever that is greater than 105-degree Fahrenheit in a case of bacterial pneumonia.
7. A dry cough, weakness, muscle pain are a common sign of viral pneumonia.
8. Oxygen saturation of less than ninety percent is the urgent need of hospitalization.

Control of Pneumonia

1. Avoiding the polluted air especially the cold air.
2. The child should not be placed in the indoor cooking room.
3. Hand hygiene needs to be taken seriously as the child tends to put the finger in the mouth repeatedly.
4. A child under the age of six month needs to breastfeed to prevent the risk from infection.
5. Children age from 2 months to five years can have the zinc supplementation to boost the immunity.
6. Vaccination to prevent certain bacterial and viral pneumonia.


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