Majestic Information on Stinging Nettle

This is the plant that flowers throughout the year and is called perennial flowering plant. Due to the stinging capacity touching the leaf of the plant can be extremely painful. Due to this reason, this plant has gained immense notification by ancestors. Until the 18th century, this plant is regarded as the plant with the potent medical benefit and used in a different disease.

There are countless ways to use the stinging nettle but due to the stinging characters, one needs to be cautious in the use of stinging nettle. Mishandling of this plant can create a lot of noisome instead of the potential benefit.

To make the soup of stinging one needs to follow the following steps.

1. Pick up the tender tips of stinging nettle plant.

2. Clean with water very carefully by using globes.

3. Chop the leaf of the plant into small pieces.

4. Chop onion into pieces.

5. In fry pan use the adequate amount of butter.

6. Add the onion and salt to the taste.

7. Slowly stir until the chopped leaf gets fully cooked.

8. Add boiling water in the pan by slowly mixing.  

9. Use the floor as the thickening agent to make the thick soup.

10. Add the flavor and condiments of the taste.

11. Use the pieces of bread in the soup as used in tradition European cooking.

12. Now the shop is ready to be served.

Use of stinging nettle

1. Traditionally Stinging nettle is used as the source of fiber for making rope, textile, jewelry etc.

2. Due to the lush in nutrient especially the micronutrient, this has been widely used as the feed for domestic animals.

3. Widely used as the medicine especially for the one suffering from prostate problems, Joint and skin ailments.

4. Due to anti-inflammatory nature, this has been used as the treatment for Hay Fever.

5. Chemical in the stinging nettle has the capacity to stop bleeding from the body.

6. Due to the immense power to reduce the blood sugar level, this has been claimed to decrease the suffering from diabetes.

There is precaution needs to be taken while using this plant for the ailments of disease. There is always the need for the physician advice when dealing with the serious disease. Some are concisely described below:

1. Due to diuretic effect, this is not safe to consume for the one suffering from kidney and bladder problems.

2. Scant research points out that it raises the blood pressure so anyone with the high blood pressure needs to take precaution while consuming it.

3. Irregularity in menstruation cycle and miscarriage are claimed to observed when the consumed this plant.


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