Majestic Platform for Posting the Aids

AdSense is the most popular platform for posting the advertisement. Getting approval from the AdSense requires time and a lot of effort. One need to follow the series of instruction strictly. Google being the tech giant of our age has the sophisticated technology and need the adequate attention. Detail procedure of how to get approved for AdSense was described in the previous blog.

Today some other platforms are discussed for placing ads to increase the revenue in Nepal. There are many platforms, but few are available in Nepal. There is the need of adequate research in order to get the profit.

The requirement and approval time of the website varies. Generally, the quality content requires a couple of days for approval. There is the requirement to keep the stander within the guidelines to get benefited from the service in the long run.

Nepali currency in pegged with Indian currency, so any platform not supporting in India does not work in Nepal. 

Media net

Media net is the advertisement platform of Yahoo and Bing combined. Due to the support from the multinational giant, this can be the best one if the AdSense is not approved. The tricks for its approval are that it needs to be more than six months old. Approving from the Media net is not so easy there is the requirement for adequate research on it.

Amazon associate

Amazon associate is the easiest platform for adding advertisements to the site. When you sign in to associate program anyone can generate links for the products. There is the need to paste the link of the product to the site, which enables the visitor to visit the product one placed. If you cannot sell the product for around 180 days you need to create a new account. This can be a sinecure job for anyone wishing to sell the product from a remote location.


This is the online advertisement platform serving globally. This is located in the United States of America.  To start using this service you need to sign up to create the account.

Md Maven

This has been a good advertisement platform and was ranked the most effective one in the past. The specification of this platform is that it offers varied ways of motorization methods.

The above are some of the publication platform available in our country. There might be more options in coming future.


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