Majestic Though to Be The God

Despite the marvelous achievement in science and technology, we human beings brains remain intact from the stone age to present. There seems no cognitive difference in human beings, as well as our cranial capacity, remains the same. Our powerful brain with our skillful hand made us the conqueror of the world. We need to be proud of our brave ancestor who defends himself from power deadly beast of their age. Also, recent research suggests that our ability to sleep less compared to other primate has made us the juggernaut on eliminating other competitors. 

After the agricultural revolution, we human beings start to invest a lot of time on thinking and living more social life than before. Our ancestor meat eating behavior combined with the invention of fire causes us to have a large brain compared to another primate. As Amino Acid the essential component of bodybuilding has been acquired in ease. 

We do have twenty-three pairs of the chromosome whereas other primate has twenty-four pairs of chromosomes. There are lots of hypothesis on this leg of one chromosome. There is a fusion of one chromosome in human so it seems that we have less number of chromosome than another primate.

Despite all the achievement, there are a lot of unsolved mystery in human civilization. Anyone can see people running on a certain ideology of others. One can clearly see lots of civil war byproduct of a certain ideology. These problems are potent in poor and illiterate population, mostly from developing country. These are all the product of illiteracy on rustic life. But, these might be beneficial for someone who wants to spread the ideology. Karl mask was a guy from developed word, but his ideology kills millions of people mostly from developing country. 

Anyone having a bunch of magical tricks and an ecosystem to feed around lakhs of people per day can become a god in developing countries. There is a need of one religious book of your own. Believe me, anyone can become a god by following this simple tricks. This seems almost impossible for a person to feed one lakhs people per day. But the truth is that you can feed four people in the single dollar. You need a small coterie to spread the propaganda like North Korean leader KIM JONG-UN. 


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