Majestic Ways to Drive Blog Traffic

Due to the immense competition in the Internet business, there has been a rise in the steep competition. This is causing problems to induce the traffic to the blog. For the beginners who are stepping into the business needs to first do strong lucubration in the ways to induce traffic especially the organic traffic. All the necessary knowledge needs to be gained while steeping in the blog business.

There are lots of advertisements rife on the Internet to drive the traffic to the blog. Is investing on blog traffic really worth the money? How can one get benefit from the promotion scheme? What is the actual cost, including the hidden cost of operating the blog?

Pundits who are making three-figure income do not recommend spending money in the blog traffic. Obtaining traffic like the robot will cause more harm than good in the long run to the site.

There is the cost to register the domain and host the website which is around $200 USD. Further, buying the quality article of 1300 words cost around $15 USD. A blog post needs to be more than 40 to get adequate traffic, which cost around 450 USD. The total cost of operation rises if money is invested in bringing traffic to the site.

There are various factors that govern the traffic to the blog. Some precaution is needed while making the website to get adequate traffic to the site. Organic traffic depends on a series of factors that search engine logarithm based on.

1. Making the killer headline is the key to attracting traffic to the site. Look at the advertisement that pops up in the search engine result. Use the keyword commonly used by the search engine advertisement. Using this keyword really boost the traffic to the site.

2. Make the Article in the blog longer than 1300 words. A search engine like Google loves the content so more in the world count more will be the traffic to the site. This is true because the Wikipedia, Investopedia pops up high in the search engine.

3. Using the hyperlink is the best ways to gain the traffic. This is because of the fact that search engine looks at the link. This is practical as more authentic the site more is the link to the site. Linking to the authoritative site brings the adequate amount of traffic to the site. Linking from the inferior site will demise the reputation.

4. There has been rising in the use of VPN sifter and look at the own page in the search engine and click on the page. This is the black hat and search engine penalize it. Never search the own web page in the search engine and click on it.

5. Always post the genuine article pasting someone else article will not induce traffic to the site and is also not good for business perspective.

6. Update the blog post at least twice a week with the longer content. Try to advertise the webpage in the social media to boost the view.

7. Use the photo, which is vital for making the beautiful blog. These need to be considered seriously as it increases the aesthetic value of the blog. Further, in photo name just tag the long tail keyword.

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