Majestic Ways To Make Money Blogging

This can be one of the lucid ways to earn money online. There are some lucrative niches for making money online on the blogging. Niche fluctuates with the time and is highly volatile. It is necessary to do some research on the search engine on the lucrative niche. As the beginners, you can try blogging in the free platform like that Blogger of Google and another subdomain like the world press. You need to keep in mind that it is arduous to put the advertisement on the subdomain website.

How to make money finance Travel blogging

This can be the most lucrative nice to start blogging on the Internet. Due to the higher amount of floating money in this business, there receives a huge amount of traffic. The niche, which receives a huge amount of traffic, has the high competition than another niche. Due to the rife amount of competition, there requires a lot of lucubration on this niche.

You can either make one lucid Doman or you can mimic some popular Doman and make the website flamboyant. A website needs to be attractive and simple as possible. There are lots of platforms available with the lots of templates. You do not need to be a pundit on Webpage designing, as gluts of templates are available for free. You can either go for the paid domain or free domain. The Minimum cost of Doman registration and hosting will be around $150 per year.

To pay for the domain registration and web hosting site, you can use the Payoneer account. You can apply the Google Adsense, Media net, Affiliate links or your own advertisement to earn the money. Further, you can add hyperlinks so that anyone clicking the word goes to the page you desire.

Due to excessive use of ad block software around the Internet. There are the risks of your ad to get blocked at any time. Yes, this can be really frustrating as your sole revenue comes from advertisement. You can pass the ad block by creating your own aid instead of using the affiliate link.

How to make money blogging word press

Word press is becoming an easy platform for the beginners as well as experts due to attractive design and easy to operate. This platform is attracting a huge amount of customers around the globe due to its multiple benefits. Due to the high amount of plugin available, this can be very easy to operate. You can use a subdomain of the word press at the beginning to have some experience. Yes, there are gluts of subdomain website on the Internet which are high in organic search.

Unlike the BlogSpot of the Google the subdomain of the Wordpress does not allow you to post the advertisement. There arises the question how you can make money. The easiest way is to add the hyperlink within the task. Just add the affiliate link in the word to earn money. This can have multiple benefits like passing the rife ad blocking software, which uses have skyrocketed in the present age.

How to make money blogging in BlogSpot

This is the service from Google so obviously receive huge technical support. Google is the technological giant of our age, so due to this, there arise few problems while handling the blog. You can add the AdSense in the blogger, which is the most lucrative advertisement in our age. It has the low bounce rate as well support multiple platforms.

Due to a huge number of benefits of the Google, it also has the drawbacks. The Main drawbacks are there are not many plugs in available for BlogSpot. Further, BlogSpot is very sensitive as they quickly detect the traffic from unwanted sources. If you want to increase the traffic by paying for the Pay to Click site such as Click sense. Forget using the blogger, Google can detect that and can terminate your AdSense account. You need to be absolutely cautious about using Google platform.

How to make money blogging for free

Blogging can be done for free or paid. There are the benefits as well as drawbacks of both. BlogSpot is the easiest to use a platform. The serious drawbacks of the blog spot are that there is a small number plugin to support it. On the other hand, Word press has multiple plugs in to support. Operating your own Word Press domain requires money.

If you want to sell the site the blogger is not supported where as word press is supported. You can sell the site by multiplying the annual income by three. This is the most lucrative business of our age. This has become the lucarative business to the blogger. 


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