Majestic Ways To Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is the social network specialized for mobile users. Although it can be log in from desktop computer some features are not accessed from the desktop computer. It was created in 2010 and later acquired by social giant Facebook. It is estimated to have more than 500 million users. This mobile application has remained as one of the most popular applications in the world.

It is also known as the showcase of billionaire so the one who wants to sell the product and services has targeted this. Lavishly expensive hotel room in the Instagram is the clear example of this. Like other social media Instagram also can bring tons of traffic to the site if used wisely

There are couples of things needs to be considered while selling this in the Instagram. First and foremost requirement to sell the product in this platform is to analyze the potential customer. The targeting right customer is good for prosperous business.

1.  Use the high-quality photos to advertise the product and service. Due to lush of lavish customer low-quality images are often neglected. This is highly advisable for anyone who wants to make money from Instagram. 

2. The hieroglyphic image can attract more customer than other types of image. For example, if you want to advertise your eBook then just posting the cover of eBook does not induce traffic from the Instagram. Instead of putting the photo that simulates the writing environment can induce traffic. The best way is to Post the photo with the majestic background where you are creating something.

3. None of the URL link in the photos works except the link in the Instagram bio. Use the link in the bio to your website to produce the traffic to the site.

4. Use the buy options as lucid as possible in order to get targeted traffic to the site.

5. The landing page of the link from the Instagram needs to be mobile friendly. As Instagram, users are mostly smartphone users. If the landing page is not suitable for the mobile view then this might create lots of problems in generating sell. 

6. Use influencers preferably with the lots of followers to drive the traffic to the site. Precaution is needed while handling the influence. There are lots of dummy accounts in the sale with lots of followers. Some account does not seem following single person this is definitely is the trap and is the waste of time and money. Do not pay the single penny to the influence instead request genuinely why help is the need. This can only be done in the beginning phase of selling product.

7. Instagram is targeted for fashionable items and product. Anyone wishing to sell the IT product and services might not suitable for this platform.

8. The major cause of failure in Instagram aid is the obscure aid display. These need to consider seriously while making the advertisement for Instagram.


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