Modern Day Hermit

Hermit is the person living in complete isolation from the society. This is age-old practice dating from the century back. Hindus babas that live in complete isolation are the example of the classical hermit. Living in isolation is not localized in specific religion or education. There are a number of educated people living the life of the hermit.

Modern day hermit differs from tradition hermit in the sense they use the resources available to them for free. Can use the book for acquiring knowledge. This is gaining popularity in the place where there is less criminal activates. Modern day hermit cannot survive in the place where the civil war is taking place.

Complete isolation is mostly required for the one seeking the salvation. This the process in which individual gets rid of the ritual cycle of life and death. Modern day hermit is related to perception about the life in the different aspect. Some even relate this as the cause of addiction to the drugs.

Excessive peace lover, unable to cope with the human tolerance, sadist, mental derangement, etc seems to trigger this unnatural phenomenon.


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