Motivation to Start a New Online Business

Making money online requires considerable time and attention due to immense competition around the globe. There is the need to have the product and service that matches the international standard. You cannot escape from delivering quality services by indicating you are from rural areas or marginalized background. In another word, there is no quota allocated for marginalized people. 

There is the belief that you can only be excelling something if you spend more than ten thousand hours on it. If you work for 10 hours per day considering 300 days per year you can be the pundit on that subject by around 3 years.

These grueling processes constantly exert pressure to anyone who wants to have some future leap. There is the need of constant motivation in order to get rid of the depression or anxiety of any kind.

Every entrepreneur suffers from some form of anxiety in any phase of life. So, there is the need to have adequate attention in order to get rid of it.

Below are some of the simple process which, when applied in regular basis can cause the ease in a mental headache:

1. Have at least 8 hours sleep per night this can boost the productivity in an overall aspect. Sleep deprivation can have severe effects on human behavior and can have both the short term and long term effects. If you fell asleep less than 15 minutes laying in the bed, then you are suffering from the sleep deprivation.


2. Eat plenty of water and natural foods lush with the water. Water keeps the body active by accelerating the process of removing the toxicant from the body. If the color of the urine is yellow take the glass of water.

3. Avoid too much caffeine diet. Caffeine is naturally contained in tea and coffee. Intake of caffeine stimulates the pancreas gland to secrete the insulin and ultimately lower the glucose level. Excess intake of caffeine can cause sleeping disorder, which can ruin the production.

4. Everyone dies, but the matter is how you die. Do not allow the fear of death overtake your productivity. Death is a vital part of life. We cannot avoid it but can make our life more lucid by making enough money.

5. In past, people use to learn from the mistake of another, but nowadays. Learning can be done by doing an own mistake. You cannot simply follow the tenets of some business pundits who are making money by educating others.

6. Life is a short focus on one thing at a time. There is the need to have an adequate understanding of the various aspects of what you are doing. There are a lot more things to learn. If you become facultative you might lose in vain. Unless you are absolutely confident of anything do not start investing in it.

7. Invest in something that you have some knowledge. If the investment is done in anything that you did not have any idea it might lead you to broke at the end of the day.

8. If possible, try your big thought in small scale. Facebook was initially tested on the Harvard server. When it gains the popularity it was later launched as the large company.

9. Do not discourage by someone negative remark. Everyone thinks and speak what they have knowledge about it. If you work above the water, there will definitely be the person who laughs at you saying you cannot swim in water.

10. Have some vacation and have a fun. There is no separate time allocated in human life to have the fun. You need to take out the time in order to venture despite your busy schedule.

11. Life is hard and everyone is trying to make the money. You cannot be rich overnight it requires time and lots of lucubration.


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