Namibia: Fairy Circle Mystery Unveiled

Namibia is the country in the continent Africa. The total area of the Namibia is estimated to be 2,113,077 square kilometers. The grassland of the Namibia has the unusual ring-like structure that is of bizarre nature.

Namibia grassland has the mysterious circular bald spot which is of highly noticed around the globe. There are many writings that claim the association of alien with the mysterious spot. Depending upon the place the size of the ring varies from two to fifteen meters.

The precise mechanism for the formation of the circle is highly debated among the scientific community around.

Possible Cause of Formation

The cause of the formation is pointed towards the termite toxicity, radioactive soil, and plant toxins

One hypothesis claims the secretions of the defense chemical by the plant to inhibit growth are triggering the formation of the circle. The competition between the vegetation is solely responsible for the formation of the weird circle (1)

Another hypothesis points out the activities of the termite as the causative factors for the formation of the circle. The competition of the scant resource and the possible the fight for the dominance is believe to be the prime cause for the formation of the pattern. The sand termite is believed to consume the vegetation and form the fairy circle.

The most widely accepted hypothesis claims the formation of the fairy circle by the combined effect of the termite and the plant.


The circular patterns facilitate the percolation of the water thus increasing the water availability for the vegetation (2).


Himba tribe living around has the peculiar myth about the formation of the circular ring. The tribes strongly believe that the circular ring has the strong magical and spiritual power in them. The local people keep the cattle to protect during night.


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