Natural Ways to Remove Gallstones Without Surgery

Gallbladder with is located beneath the liver has the vital function of producing the bile in the body. The function of the gallbladder is to store the bile secreted by the liver. The bile is liberated in the intestine, according to the need.

Gallstones are the stones or lumps inside the gall bladder. A chemical like cholesterol, Calcium bilirubin and Calcium carbonate exit in the gall bladder triggers this formation. The cholesterol is blamed to the causative factors for the formation of gallstones. Some time secretion of cholesterol from the liver triggers the formation of this. The exact causes of the formation of gallstone are still unclear.

Whatever might be the reason for the formation of gallstone it can cause lots of noisome problems in the body. When the stone block the bile duct it can cause immense pain and can be life threatening if adequate caution is not taken ahead of time.

Due to the advancement of science and technology the removal of gall stone from the body is done by removing the gall bladder from the body. The process of removing the gallbladder from the body is called Cholecystectomy. Due to the frequent nature of the occurrence of gallstone in the body the removal of gallstone is the commonly used practice.

It seems inevitable to get rid of the gallstone without the surgery. Due to the higher number of people suffering from gallstone there has been a rise in the number of people searching the alternative of the surgery. If the stone is less than one centimeter one can use the alternative means with caution.

If the stone is larger than one centimeter, then getting rid of it by alternative methods does not seem logical. There has been the rise in the cases of emergency due to blockage of the bile duct by the gallstone.

Before using any alternative means of getting rid of gallbladder stone one needs to be absolutely cautious about the possible Side effects.

There are some medications available to dissolve the stone caused by the cholesterol. This works by thinning the bile secretion.

In order to have the adequate understanding of the gall stone size in the gall bladder, there is the requirement to have the ultrasound. Ultrasound gives the precise estimation of the size of the gallstone in the gallbladder.

Gall bladder Stones Symptoms

Sometimes the occurrence of gallstone gets unnoticed due to the silent gallstone in the body. The most common symptom is the pain in the upper right portion of the abdomen. Other symptoms are nausea and vomiting, Jaundice due to the rise of bilirubin in body, Fever, Clay-colored stools.

Symptoms depend on the stage of gallbladder stone person is suffering. The stage 1 is the period where there is no pain in the body. At stage second pain is an occasional experience when consumed diets high is fat. A third stage is marked by immense pain where the individual experience the acute pain due the blockage of bile from the gallbladder by stone.

Gallbladder stones home remedy treatment

The most frequent use ingredients for gall bladder stone remedy are the Apple juice, Horse salt, Vinegar, Lemon juice, Beetroot, Cucumber, Carrot, Turmeric, Dandelion root, Activated charcoal.  The majority of Natural ways of treatment of gall bladder stone focuses on decreasing the cholesterol in the body.

1. Turmeric supports liver metabolism resulting in beneficial effect in the removal of gall bladder stone.

2. Dandelion root is believed to help the liver in eliminating the toxins from the body.

3. Using the one-tablespoon of vinegar in the glass of apple juice can trigger the lever to ease the production of cholesterol resulting in the thinning of the gall bladder stone.

4. Expert advice to take the two-teaspoon full of apple cider vinegar to luck warm water with one teaspoon of lemon juice.

5. Drinking fresh lemon juice in the empty stomach mixed with Luke warm water can cause the beneficial effects in the removal of bladder stone. This is to be taken at least a week in order to benefit from it.

6. Drinking the cucumber and one beet-root twice a day for at least twice a week can cause ease in gallbladder stone.

7. Drinking three glasses of apple juice mixed with a pinch of horse salt thrice a day can be effective against the gall stone removal.

How to avoid the gallstones

It almost seems impossible to get rid of gall bladder stones. But one can apply some precaution like not taking the birth control pills that interfere with the cholesterol production in the body.

Being active involves lots of benefits like the improving the digestive process in the body and lowering the cholesterol.

Maintain the adequate body weight is vital. Excess fat accumulation in the body causes the rise in the cholesterol level in the blood. Which increases the chance of gallstone in the body.

Practicing rapid weight loss can lead to electrolyte imbalance and can aid in the formation of gallstone in the body. Removing more than one pound per week can cause the adverse effect in the human body.

High fiber food followed by the diet rich in the saturated fat prevents the person suffering from the gallstone aliments.


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