Newbie Money Maker: Beginner’s Guide

There is no doubt that the Internet platforms connect the population with the high purchasing power. Most of the developed country and the part of the developing countries around the globe are connected to the Internet. This clearly justifies how lucrative the platform will be for anyone willing to make money.

After figuring it out how to make money online it is essential to do the little research on the search engine. The landscape of the Internet changes drastically. Obsolete review of the site did not give the crystal clear image of how the site is operating. 

Here are the tips and tricks for newbies.

The first step is to scrutinize yourself about the person interest. Someone interesting in reading can write the majestic eBook and publish in the several platforms available. Other can write the nice article and publish it on the blogger platform. A Huge sum of money can be obtained by placing an advertisement, especially from Google AdSense.

The second and most lucrative step are to make the video and post in the video-sharing site like YouTube. YouTube having more than one billion users across the world pays a good sum of money by Google AdSense. This is the relatively easy process as you can make the video by using the existing photos. Take the screen capture video on the computer or smartphone on how to do something. As a newbie, you can take the screen capture on how to operate the Microsoft word or how to make the Gmail account.

The third step is to use the affiliate marketing successfully. Affiliate marketing simply can be defined as gaining the commission from the site by diverting traffic to the site. The firm gives the link, which can be placed on different platforms like the blogger or social media site. The most important parts to remember is to sell the product, which you consider good. Excessive promoting the inferior product for the huge commission cannot be lucrative in long run.

Forth is to use the freelancing platforms. There are multiple platforms among them is the Up work, Fiverr and freelance platforms are widely used across the globe. You need to bid on the project you like and sometimes need to face an interview. At the beginning phase, it is essential to bid on the small project. This increases the chance of the getting hired.

The fifth step is to use the binary trading, bitcoins mining, click to pay site. I do not recommend the click to pay site due to the innate hidden danger of using Blackhat Search Engine Optimization. None of the sites gives the huge sum of money in short period of time. It is absolutely essential to avoid such sites.


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