Newborn Baby Breastfeeding Minimum Time Duration.

Breastfeeding is the natural ways to provide nutrient for the baby after the birth. This is vital for the survival of a baby or our species as a whole. There has been a decline in breastfeeding in the baby, especially in the developed world. This is not a good indication as it can ruin the baby health. Further, socially unaccepted of breastfeeding in public has accelerated the unwillingness to breast feed to infants.

Breastfeeding in the intense form of nourishment found in higher organism called the mammals. Mammals have the mammary gland to nurture their offspring’s. Due to this peculiar nature the infant of the mammals receives the intensive parental care.

Mostly there are two types of species one is the r selected and another is k selected. R-selected species are those who reproduce in enormous amount and fewer individual reach the reproductive phase due to the absence of parental care. The k-selected species are those who reproduce in small amount and fewer offspring reach the reproductive phase. An organism that nourish the offspring’s with the mammary gland are R selected Species.

The nutrition obtained from breastfeeding has a capacity to boost the immune system. Boosting of the immune system can trigger lots of beneficial effects in the body. It is claimed to reduce the respiratory disease, diarrhea, allergies and protection from various diseases. 

Due to adequate nutrient supplied during the breast feeding adequate amount of growth in a child is obtained. The baby can be expected to grow double the size after six months of the childbirth. Further, when the growth is expected to be two and half times when the child reach one year.

Health professional recommends feeding the baby milk immediately after one hour of birth. Neonates are advised to feed the milk at least in 2 to 3 hours for the first few weeks. The duration of the breastfeeding is highly debated. There has been recommendation to feed the breast to offspring as long as they want.

Breastfeeding also has a beneficial effect for the mother who is feeding the infant. Benefits for mother are adequate uterus shrinkage, delays in menstruation, protection from breast cancer, and many more waiting to be discovered. Due to the requirement of around 500 calories per day breast feeding mother tends to lose the weight in vigorous rate.

The World Heath organization recommends feeding the breast milk for at least six months of age. Despite this fact more than half of the mother do not feed their baby with the breast milk.

There are some cases unsuitable for breastfeeding. Certain disease, taking the hardline recreational drugs needs to avoid the breastfeeding. Taking the trace amount of caffeine, smoking cigarette, drinking alcohol is not an excuse from breastfeeding. It is generally suitable for breastfeeding after 2 hours of drinking alcohol.

Milk produced during the first day of the childbirth is called the Colostrum. This is the nutrient lush milk, especially for providing vigorous immunity. This milk helps in removing excessive bilirubin preventing the jaundice attack. Various types of milk with varied nutrient and vital elements are produced in the milk.

It is commonly perceived that skin and skin contact especially with the mother around one hour of birth stimulate the production of breast milk.


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