Niume the Platform for Blogger

There are various platforms for selling the article online in exchange for money. Fiverr, up work, freelancer, etc. are the most used for selling the article. The disadvantage of selling the article is that once you sell the article it is gone forever. This arises the thinking of monetization of an article. Monetization is the process in which money is allocated based on the article read by the users.

The amazon kindle KDNP can be considered as the Pioneer to induce this concept. Here, the authors are paid on the basis of a number of pages read by the customer. The payment is around $2 USD for 200 pages read. Creating eBook is the arduous and time-consuming process. Further, there is no guarantee that your page will be read every day. The best alternative for this is Niume. The ultimate way of blogging is to make money and more money.

Niume is the collaborate blogging platform which pays on the basis of view per article. The payment is $1 per 1000 views. There are 20 spheres to choose while selecting the article to post the blog. The payment is through PayPal and the minimum payment threshold is $10 USD. This can be highly lucrative for someone having the adequate writing skills.

Anyone who has the good writing skills can earn by posting on a different site. Some site can offer more than $250 per article if it gets approved. The article needs to be genuine and there is the strong needs to provide information to the one who reads it.

Due to easy process of writing five sentences for approval as Blog post Niume platform is for everyone. I mean for the beginners who want to step in the blogging world. The inevitable truth of the blogging world is that only the scant percentage of merely less than 5% of the bloggers actually makes the money.

I use to have 200 articles with greater than 500 words in the individual platform and use to get merely 5 views per day. You will get more hype than the view. The number of hype does not put an addition to the revenue. anyone wishing to share the article instead of earning from monetization can try niume platform. 

Someone strongly argues that creating an own website and blog post can be far lucrative that posting in someone else. Yes, this might be the case of the one who has adequate time and resources for making the own website. Further, the traffic induction to the site is the major concern for novice blogger. Creating own blog involves series of the process like domain registration, web hosting, Posting regularly, Updated content, key world research, the relevance of content, backlinks relevance, etc., Anyone easy with all this aspect can start an own blog. Further, the blog that receives huge traffic has the three-figure income and evaluation.

Registering of the Doman requires around $15 USD per year. Further, the domain needs to be hosted by suitable web hosting platform. This charges around $150 USD per year. Posting the blog with the world count of greater than 1300 words to get noticed by the search engine can be arduous. How good the content in the blog post-pundit in the Internet market claims that blog with the post less than 40 are unnoticed by a search engine. This necessitates a lot of lucubration in maintaining the blog.

For the novice starting the new blog can be challenging these necessitate the alternative ways to make the money out of the blog posting. First-hand experience in the life of the blogger can have from posting in the platform like Niume.


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