Pros and Cons of Online Money Making in Nepal

Nepal is one of the poor countries in the world. The rife poverty is mainly due to the past regime. Before, 1950s tyranny Rana rule uses to rule in Nepal. They have banned the formal education to the public. Further, the English language uses to treat as a bad omen by established religious tenet.  As the christen use to speak the English and consume cow. The cow is regarded as the god by the Hindus.

In past anti-democracy acts in Nepal causes lots of problems in every aspect of the country including the country’s economy. In 1951 king Tribhuvan abolishes the Rana rule with the help of people movement with the assurance of constitution election. When the Tribhuvan came under the power he denies the constitution, the election this leaves the country in absolute penury. Later, the constitution, an election was held and the constitution was promulgated in 2015 AD.

The elder son of Tribhuvan called the Mahindra can be called the Hitler for the Nepalese democratic movement. The politicians are treated like the terrorist. There are lots of renounced politician still alive with the ravages of tyranny punishment.

As the elder son of the king becomes king, so the Birendra and Gyanendra came into power. Not to mention the massacre of the king Birendra family in a single event at Night. If you have ill intended family members you cannot expect something good out of them.

Further, the communist ideology locally modified by the politician of Nepal has trigger Nepali poverty to the severe phase. Due to the pegging of Nepali currency with the Indian currency in 1992 AD, the Inflation was prevented.

There are countless events in the history, which causes the Nepali people live in the penury. We have the per capita income of 689 USD.

Nepal is 130 corrupt Nations among 175 total nations of the World. This is the clear indication of rife corruption in Nepal.

Now a day the tolerance for corruption has been on the rise. The family members of the government employee freely advocate the money from the corruption. The family member of the corrupted government employee enjoys the most expensive goods and services available. Only a few corrupted officers, as well as a bunch of wealthy individuals, can afford the expensive goods in Nepal.

Anyone can change this circumstance by earning the adequate amount of money because making money has never been easier in history.

So, making money online can cause a huge difference. You can earn the money legitimately and live the life of the dream.


1. Making Payoneer and PayPal account is easier than making an account in Nepalese bank.

2. You can earn the same amount of money, then foreign counterpart.

3. There are multiple options for making money online. You can start making money without an investment of any kind.

4. You are flexible to select the schedule and work at any time of the day.

5. There is no requirement to show your academic certification, you are analyzed on the skills rather than by other means.

6. If you do not have skills you can learn within a few days by using free resource available online.


1. High chance of dupe for beginners.

2. Payoneer withdrawal facility is not available through the local bank. You need to withdraw money from ATM machine of selected bank.

3. Language can be a barrier. You need to be fluent in reading, speaking, writing and listening English.

4. Occasionally you need to give the interview to the client in English.

5. As Nepali time is around 12 hours faster than of United States time, so there is some requirement to work during the night.

6. Using the Electronic devices all the time can ruin your eye.


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