Protect Eye From Electronic Device

Due to the surge of the Internet there has been drastically rising in the number of users of the device that support the Internet. This gives rise to the immense competition in the high-tech device. It is inevitable to get accustomed to the tech device instead of avoiding them.

Whatever the claims of the company the ultimate the technical device will have effect in the eye. Despite the radiation emitted by the electronic device has drastically decreased from the past, they have not been eliminated. As light is the form of electromagnetic radiation.

There are some devices, which are claimed to be friendly for the using in the dark. This kind of advertisement by the electronic giants will ultimately cause the damage to the retina.

Our primordial ancestor’s eyes have never been exposed to this type of radiation before. So, our eyes are not accustomed with the synthetic radiation.

Eye consist of the eyeball, which is mostly laden with water, cornea which is located in the front part of the eye receives the radiation, the light from the cornea strike to the retina which forms the complex image.

Anyone anywhere can apply certain precaution and habitual practice in order to protect the eyes from damage by modern tech.

1. Wash your eye on a regular basis with cold water. This classic practice will save the eye from any kind of infection and helps to work normally.

2. Close the eye several times when using the electronic screen. You can close around 30 seconds in ever 20 minutes interval. This enables the eye to get rest.

3. Use the electronic device where there is plenty of light on surrounding. This result in less strain on the eye.

4. The rhodopsin pigment in the rod cell of the eye is the chemical laden with Vitamin A. You can eat plenty of the yellow, green leafy vegetables or other vitamin A sources in order to get the benefit from it.

5. Whatever the company claims about the device do not use them during the night time when there is completely dark. There has been advertised of devices, which have friendly color for night exposures.

6. Fix your device in static place. It means when you operate your device in hands shaking of hand can cause the lot of strain in the eye.

7. Take adequate sleep, lack of sleep puts the strain on the eye. Sleep is essential for the repair of our body organ.

8. The Child should be allowed to look at the electronic device at a distance. Excessive use of the game by the child causes the premature damaging of the eye and can lead to the lot of noisome problems.

9. Do not ever wear the glass of others. Glasses contaminate with the infection of any kind can transmit the infection from others.

10. If possible use the device with the retina display or the device that produce the crystal clear vision. Blurred vision can cause the strain in the eye and result in damaging of the eye.

11. For eye balance practice looking far object during several intervals of time. If you work 12 hours on the Internet then you are looking object in front of you for 12 hours. It is logical to spend considerable time looking far object in order to balance the eye.

12. Use screen with low brightness, which result in less strain on the eye.

13. Anyone making a full-time income on the Internet needs to spend considerable time in the socialization and is vital for the eye and brain.


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