Rashes on Skin in Summer Control and Prevention

Heat rashes occur mostly due to hot and humid weather due the blocking of sweat gland. This result in a decrease in the evaporation from the skin resulting in rashes with can cause a lot of noisome.

Generally heat, rashes ease with time and does not require the medical attention. In case of severe rashes it is recommended to visit the dermatologist.

The rashes mostly happen when one is exposed to direct sunlight, Immediately cooling of the body after exposure to hot air, wearing tight cloth that prevent natural evaporation of sweat from the skin.

What ever might be the cause this can be noisome for everyone affected. Frequent itching in the red bumps on the skin can cause lots of noisome.

Skin rashes are frequently experienced in the child due to sensitive skin.

Pollen, weed and grasses also cause skin rashes. There seems no more astonishing if someone experiences the skin rashes by touching the grass.

Preventive methods for skin rashes

1. Skin rashes are caused by intensive heat while directly exposed to the sun. It is necessary to use the umbrella during working. Also, drinking plenty of water prevents from overheating.

2. Using the cooler air in the hot season can be favorable as the cooler air has less humidity and helps in easing the rashes.

3. It is essential to bath regularly so as to facilitate the natural sweating process in the body. Unnecessary use of oil needs to be avoided as this produce the adverse effect instead of beneficial effects.

4. Use the commonly available neem powder, which is both the antifungal and antibacterial. This can help in easing the effect of rashes.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar is the most effective against the preventing infection of any kind include the rashes. This is also effective when used in gall stone removal.

6. Rubbing the peppermint leaves directly into the skin of the affected area soothe the effect of Skin rashes.

7. Aloe Vera plant juice can be effective against the skin rashes if applied onto the affected skin. This is the multipurpose medicine and widely used in remedy for various diseases.

8. Any food that causes the allergic reaction in the body needs to be avoided. This food are mainly the gluten enrich foods, dairy, seafood, etc.  Fried and processed foods needs to be avoided in cause of intense suffering from rashes.

9. Intake of vitamin especially the vitamin C and Vitamin B12 can ease in Skin rashes.

10. Rubbing the olive oil on the affected area until rashes disappear completely.

11. Use the baking soda and coconut oil paste in the affected part of the body to accelerate the process of healing.


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