Refining of the Democracy

There is no doubt that the democracy is the vital aspect for the development and prosperity of the present world. The election is the most vital part of the democracy. The election process involves the process called the voting.

Democracy fouses on the quantity instead of the quality. The time has come to sctutinize the impact of using quantity as a tool of governance.

The time has arisen to refine the democracy. The treatment of every individual in the coutry equally with the voting power is producing advese consiquences.

Based on the social status every individual should be allocated with the points. The person having higher social status should allocate higher points and with the lower status should allocate lower points.

The contribution of scientist, doctors, engineers, teacher, etc.  in the development is higher than a yokel, stoner etc. So, in the voting system scientists needs to allocate higher points than the stoner. This process can only make the democracy go long run.

The person paying a higher amount of tex has more contribution the one who pays less.

This seems like an unequality to the people living in the country. But in reality, this is not always true.


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